Kiwi's son charged with murder in Vanuatu

  • 08/09/2015

A New Zealand lodge owner in Vanuatu had to be taken into police protection after his son was charged with the murder of a local, it has been revealed.

Ned Lowe, 18, has been charged with the murder of Roger Kamisak on the southern island of Tanna in July.

The death happened at Tanna Lodge, owned by Lowe's father, New Zealander Hugh Lowe, and his wife Stella.

Lowe is alleged to have killed Mr Kamisak in a drunken fight over a girl, Chief Inspector George Twomey told the New Zealand Herald.

The lodge was the target of an arson attack in July and then again in August, which forced 21 Australians to be flown to Port Vila. It caused $2 million worth of damage.

The local newspaper, The Daily Post, said the attack happened as tensions escalated in the wake of Mr Kamisak's death.

The Lowe family had to be taken to the local police station for protection, Insp Twomey said.