$100,000 to support deported Kiwis

  • 19/10/2015
$100,000 to support deported Kiwis

A charity helping Kiwi deportees from Australia has been given extra government funding as it struggles to deal with a surge in people being sent back over the ditch for convictions .

The Corrections Department has announced it will give a one-off $100,000 grant to charity group PARS, which has already been helping deportees, despite only being funded to help those convicted in New Zealand.

Corrections chief executive Ray Smith said it was a stop-gap measure - until June, 2016 - to support the charity's Auckland branch through a rise in deportations.

Corrections said the number of offenders deported to New Zealand was about 170 so far for the year, compared to 60 to 100 in previous total years.

Mr Smith said those being deported needed additional help to reintegrate into society.

"Many of these offenders have not lived here for many years or decades. Many have no family or other support," he said.

The service is voluntary and offered to deportees at airports when they arrive in New Zealand.

About 1000 New Zealanders are believed to currently be in the pipeline for deportation from Australia.