Police deny turning away Gold Coast murder victim

  • 01/10/2015
Tara Brown (Instagram)
Tara Brown (Instagram)

By Ed Jackson

A New Zealand-born Gold Coast woman wasn't turned away by police days before her murder, a leading police officer says.

Tara Brown was allegedly beaten to death by her ex-partner after being run off a Gold Coast road last month.

Media reported after the incident that Ms Brown had visited police a week beforehand to seek advice on breaking up with her former partner.

It was claimed Ms Brown was told to "go elsewhere".

Gold Coast acting Chief Superintendent Michelle Stenner says those reports are inaccurate.

"The Tara Brown matter is a horrific incident, as well as the other domestic-related homicide that we had," Supt Stenner told NZ Newswire.

"The fact that newspapers are reporting she was turned away - she wasn't turned away. That's under investigation at the moment."

Supt Stenner said she believed police did a good job, but admitted there was always room for improvement.

"I'm not saying we're perfect," she said.

"We can always do things better and it's about educating our own service as well about an attitudinal change to sexual violence and domestic violence."