Another 105 NZDF personnel deployed for Iraq

  • 03/11/2015

Another wave of New Zealand military personal has been deployed to Iraq to help train local security forces in their fight against Islamic State.

The New Zealand Defence Force confirmed another 105 trainers left Brisbane for the Middle Eastern state today as part of the non-combat Task Group Taji.

They'll join the 100 NZDF personnel who were deployed in April.

Major General Tim Gall said the Task Group had been successful in its first six months.

"The Iraqi soldiers as well as their officers have been eager to learn the skills they need to push back Daesh and recover lost territory," he said.

"Some of those we have trained are now taking part in the counter-offensive against Daesh."

Around 2100 Iraqi soldiers have been trained so far as part of Task Group Taji with another 2000 expected to be schooled in the coming weeks,

"The training that we and our Australian partners have been providing has helped the Iraqi Army slowly regain their confidence in themselves and their equipment," Maj Gen Gall said.

"The Iraqis need to keep or increase this level of confidence to have a far better chance of defeating Daesh."

The NZDF personnel will be encamped at the Taji Military Complex in Baghdad's north.

As part of Task Group Taji, the soldiers will be deployed for two years, but the mission will be reviewed in nine months.