Blaze forces hundreds of Kiwis to evacuate Fijian island

Dj outfit 'Troskey' were performing at the event. (Photo: Instagram)
Dj outfit 'Troskey' were performing at the event. (Photo: Instagram)

Hundreds of Kiwis, including Max Key, have been evacuated from a Fijian resort island after a fire broke out.

The fierce blaze interrupted a Spring Break party on Beachcomber Island, where around 200 young Kiwis have been partying.

It is believed the fire was triggered by a disgarded cigarette that burned through a bure at about 2am.

Guests evacuated the island earlier than planned.

The Herald on Sunday has confirmed the Prime Minister's son was at the resort when the fire took hold.

Troskey, the DJ team Max Key is a member of, was appearing at the event and pictures of Max Key at the resort have been posted on Instagram.

Tickets to the week-long party, which included flights, accommodation, food and entertainment started at $1399.

Nobody was injured in the blaze.

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