Key: NZ still less vulnerable to attacks

  • 16/11/2015
Prime Minister John Key (AAP)
Prime Minister John Key (AAP)

New Zealand is less vulnerable than other countries to terrorist attacks like those that took place in Paris, but Prime Minister John Key can't say it's completely immune.

Extremist group Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks in the French capital which left 129 people dead and 352 wounded.

No New Zealanders were killed or injured, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is advising against all tourist and other non-essential travel to Paris and the Ile de France area until the security situation stabilises.

Mr Key, who's in Vietnam on a trade mission, says New Zealand's domestic terrorism threat level remains low and it's less vulnerable than most other countries.

"We have the advantage of distance, we're a long way away," he told reporters.

"I just couldn't say to you that we're completely immune."

Mr Key said there were around 40 people on a government watchlist.

"We know that ISIS is very effective at reaching out to those people. We have a responsibility to other New Zealanders to do the best we can to monitor any behaviour we think is unusual or untoward," Mr Key said.

The Prime Minister has also ruled out extending New Zealand's military involvement in Iraq in response to the Paris attacks.

"We haven't considered any changes. We don't see any particular need to change," he said on Sunday.

"We won't be reducing it but I am not planning to increase that."