Southern focus for climate researchers

  • 25/11/2015

Scientists have decided how they will spend $9 million of research funding looking at how the Southern Ocean and Antarctica may affect New Zealand's climate.

The Deep South National Science Challenge – one of 11 research areas the Government is spending more than $133m on – will spend the money on six projects over four years.

NIWA, Bodeker Scientific and Otago, Canterbury, Victoria and Auckland Universities will look at Antarctic and the Southern Ocean climate and how it might affect New Zealand's own climate.

The Government has stipulated that the research must be "useful science" and lead to opportunities for business and development.

The Deep South projects will start developing "New Zealand's first world-class numerical earth system model", says Deep South director Dave Frame.

It would simulate current climate and possible future climates under different scenarios of future global greenhouse gas emissions, he said.

"This will give New Zealanders a greater level of certainty in their planning and decision-making in the face of a changing climate.

"This is the first time New Zealand has invested in this kind of capability, which is really at the centre of modern physical climate science."

The Six Projects: