Looking online for a New Year’s date? You’re not the only one

  • 31/12/2015

If you're about 40, named Sarah or John, and have no kids, you apparently aren't alone in looking for love this holiday season.

Kiwis have been heading to online to find someone special this month, with dating site FindSomeone saying it is expecting a 33 percent increase in use across the holidays and towards Valentine's Day.

"It's an emotional time of year and people are thinking about sharing their Christmas and their summer holiday with someone they care about," the site's head Daniel Bridges said.

"As a result, were seeing a big lift in new sign-ups to the site as people look to find a date for New Year's Eve."

But it's also given the site a chance to look at who its typical users are.

The typical woman using the site was 41, named Sarah, has a bachelor's degree or higher. Only about a third of the women on the site have children, Mr Bridges said.

Meanwhile, the average kiwi bloke looking for a date is about 39, called John, a bit less educated - a third have bachelor's degree or higher - and also probably has no children.

But as for what names are the "hottest" - as measured by responses people get - you're better off going with Carly or Natalia, or Lucas and Darryn for the guys, with the names grabbing most attention on the site in 2015.