Millions awarded to research teams

  • 03/12/2015

Seven science and business teams have each been awarded a million dollars to research high-value foods.

Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce announced the awards, which are from the Government's national science challenge fund.

He says the teams put in proposals which were all examples of science generating unique business opportunities.

"These are ideas for high-value foods that have real potential to bring significant economic benefits to New Zealand," Mr Joyce said.

"Food sold on the basis of a health claim or a benefit must have the validating science behind it, and this fund makes that research possible."

Mr Joyce says it's cutting edge research and the winning proposals include a food with a new kind of dietary fibre that will sustain babies through the night so they don't wake up hungry.

There's also a children's milk powder that's much more like unprocessed milk to reduce the risk of allergies.