Hefty fine for drunk woman who shoved cop

Footage of the incident went viral (Channel 7 News)
Footage of the incident went viral (Channel 7 News)

A drunk woman who shoved a police officer at the Melbourne Cup last year has paid for her actions, copping a hefty fine.

Sarah Finn, 24, was ordered to pay more than AU$1000 after the November incident, pleading guilty to one charge of assaulting police and another charge of wilful damage.

The costs include AU$150 to replace the officer's reading glasses, which broke in the fall, an AU$800 fine, and AU$117 in court costs, AAP reports.

Acting Superintendent Stephen Cooper was preparing for a press conference when Finn ran up to him and pushed him in the chest, knocking him into a garden bed. He was uninjured in the fall.

Finn apologised at the time.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court was told before shoving Supt Cooper, Finn was talking with gathered media and asked: "What do I have to do to get on the news?"

"It was reckless and stupid," defence lawyer Anthony Brand said.

Footage of Finn shoving Supt Cooper, captured by Australia's Channel 7 News, went viral shortly after the event. In the video Finn is seen pushing Supt Cooper directly in the chest, knocking the officer backwards into a garden, before two other officers approach and promptly take her away.

Mr Brand told the court Finn had been "subject to vilification in the press" and had been "threatened on social media, mostly by men".

Magistrate Megan Aumair accepted Finn had been through a "harrowing ordeal" due to the heavy publicity around the case, and accepted Finn meant no harm in the actions.

The court has given Finn three months to pay.