Condemnation meets 'legal rape' group

  • 02/02/2016
Daryush "Roosh" Valizadeh (Wikipedia)
Daryush "Roosh" Valizadeh (Wikipedia)

Backlash has erupted over a neo-masculine group's plan to meet across the country, with one MP saying the group has the "collective IQ of your average garden gnome".

The group Return of Kings - which believes women should be controlled by men - is instructing members to meet in centres around the world including New Zealand.

"Tribal meetings" are being held in 44 international locations on February 6, and Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin are on the list.

American group leader Daryush "Roosh" Valizadeh, reportedly believes rape should be legalised on private property.

Labour MP Kelvin Davis says Mr Valizadeh should be run out of town.

"This group has the collective IQ of your average garden gnome," he said.

"They should get psychological help to escape their confused, creepy fantasy world."

Prime Minister John Key doesn't think Mr Valizadeh would even be allowed into New Zealand.

"My view is we have a good character test and he wouldn't meet that good character test."

Wellington Rape Crisis spokeswoman Eleanor Butterworth says she would love to see Kiwi men gatecrash the meetings to protest the group's message.

"This group clearly expects that the only opposition they will face is from women. This isn't just something women should have to fight."

Wellington bar the Rogue and Vagabond - listed as the venue for the city's meetup - has posted on Facebook condemning the event.

"The Rogue does not endorse or support this group. We have requested our name be removed from any and all publications by this group."

On Return of Kings' website, a list of beliefs includes a woman's value depends on her fertility and beauty, and their emancipation has destroyed the family unit.

Mr Valizadeh posted on Twitter on Monday that he was headed to Australia - drawing the wrath of fellow Twitter users.

"To all attractive Australian girls in age range of 18-22. I'm coming to your country and am free to meet for drinks," he posted.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has sought an urgent briefing on legal options to deny him an entry visa.

"Their borders are weak. I'll get in," tweeted Mr Valizadeh on Tuesday morning.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said Mr Valizadeh would not be welcome if he tried to come to New Zealand.

"We do not need this drongoistic, medieval, four-flushing twit in our country breaking our laws."

The news follows the recent cancellation of US pick-up artist Jeff "Jeffy" Allen's tour of Australasia with seminar group Real Social Dynamics (RSD) which has been widely criticised for teaching men how to abuse women.