Andrew Bayly flies flag at North Pole

  • 23/04/2016
Andrew Bayly flies flag at North Pole

National MP Andrew Bayly has added reaching the North Pole to his achievements as an adventurer.

The MP for Hunua has climbed Aoraki/Mt Cook and completed several coast-to-coast events.

In the summer of 2013, he spent a month in Antarctica climbing mountains and skiing the last degree to the South Pole.

He has now posted on Facebook he and his son James reached the North Pole at 2:30am today New Zealand time.

"After our last stop for 10 minutes, just one nautical mile from the pole, we were faced with a massive ridge and a choice - left or right. I chose right," he said.

A celebration with Aurora Borealis cocktails - half champagne, half vodka and a handful of North Pole snow - is under way.

They flew the New Zealand flag at the North Pole.

He personally funded the trip. He and his son skied the last degree, or 60 nautical miles, to the North Pole.

They raised money to support the conservation and recovery of the endangered Kokako bird.