Beckett murder trial: Jury deliberates 6 days

  • 13/04/2016

The jury in the murder trial of a former Napier councillor in Canada still hasn't reached a verdict, six days after it began deliberating.

The judge may now force jurors to make a decision by tomorrow.

Peter Beckett, 59, is accused of drowning his wife in a British Columbia lake in 2010.

Prosecutors say he wanted to cash-in on life insurance.

Hastings-born Beckett was accused of not only killing his wife, Canadian school teacher Laura Letts-Beckett, but also with trying to arrange the murder of five witnesses, including his wife's parents, a policeman who investigated his case and a lawyer.

At more than two metres tall and weighing 180kg, Beckett was given permission to sit outside the prisoner's box, according to Kamloops BC Now.

Ms Letts-Beckett drowned in August 2010 while fishing on Arrow Lake, 200km east of Kamloops, where the trial is being heard.

He claims he and Ms Letts-Becket were fishing when a gust of wind blew an umbrella off their boat, causing her to fall overboard. He claims he tried to rescue her, but due to his size, was unable to pull her out.

But the Crown accused Beckett of being a calculating killer who murdered Mrs Letts-Beckett by shoving her off the boat.

Newshub. / NZN