ANZAC-trained Iraqi troops hit 4000

  • 24/02/2016
ANZAC-trained Iraqi troops hit 4000

Australian and New Zealand military forces have completed training more than 4000 Iraqi troops to fight against ISIL after the graduation of more non-commissioned officers.

Another 250 non-commissioned officers in the Iraqi Army completed training provided by ANZAC troops at Camp Taji recently, which NZDF Major General Tim Gall called an important milestone in the Building Partner Capacity mission.

"Building the capability of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) to a level necessary to secure the defeat of ISIL will take time," he said today.

"What is encouraging is that the Iraqis are regaining their confidence and have begun to demonstrate, like in Ramadi, the capability and determination they need to mount a successful counter-offensive."

A new class of ISF members will begin a Junior Leaders Course in mid-March.

As part of an international effort to train local forces to fight against ISIL, New Zealand has deployed 106 troops in support of the Building Partner Capacity mission, with soldiers trained by ANZACs forces having some success in the field.

One of the brigades trained by the combined New Zealand-Australian task group was involved in the successful counter-offensive that retook the city of Ramadi from Islamic State late last year.

The troops stationed at Camp Taji are the second deployment of New Zealand forces after the first rotation returned home in November last year.