Brexit: Labour parliamentary MPs vote no confidence in leader Jeremy Corbyn

  • 29/06/2016

MPs from Britain's opposition Labour Party have backed a motion of no confidence in their leader Jeremy Corbyn by an overwhelming 172 votes to 40.

The motion was backed by many who felt he had not campaigned hard enough to keep the country inside the EU, and would not be able to win a future election.

The result, which was expected after days of heavy criticism from within his party, has no formal consequence and does not automatically trigger a leadership election.

"This is the parliamentary MPs who have no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. He has a group of activists around him, he has a lot of support among the activists in the the country. Five or six thousand people turned out in Parliament square the other night to back him."

Corbyn has previously said he will not resign and would stand again if the party did call a leadership contest.

Newshub. / NZN