Croc captured near fatal attack in Australia

  • 02/06/2016

Police specialists will examine a crocodile trapped in north Queensland to find out if it was responsible for a fatal attack on New Zealand-born Cindy Waldron.

Ms Waldron, 46, was dragged under the water at Thornton Beach, north of Cairns, after venturing into the water with friend Leeann Mitchell late on Sunday night.

A two-and-a-half metre crocodile has been caught in one of three traps set up near where the photographer went missing.

However, police believe it is unlikely to be the one that attacked.

Ms Waldron's father Pat and sister Anna-Lee Annett this week flew to Cairns to be closer to where she spent her final days.

"They did something silly," Ms Annett said on Wednesday, adding the crocodile shouldn't be hunted down.

The attack prompted the state government to allocate an extra $5.8 million over three years in next week's budget for crocodile management and comprehensive population surveys.

Traps will remain in place while specialists look at the crocodile.