The who's who of the Australian election

Labor Party leader Bill Shorten (AAP)
Labor Party leader Bill Shorten (AAP)

The countdown is on for the Australian election this Saturday.

Same-sex marriage has become a key issue in the Australian election race. Labor Party leader Bill Shorten has promised to legalise gay marriage if he wins.

Politics in Australia can be brutal but the run-up to this election has been far from bloodthirsty.

The major players are doing everything they can to avoid making mistakes and are distancing themselves from past political in-fighting.

Here's a look at the who's who of the Australian election.

The who's who of the Australian election


Mr Turnbull became Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Party after he defeated Tony Abbott in a leadership spill less than a year ago.

He is a successful former lawyer and businessman, and one of the richest politicians in Australia.

Mr Turnbull has come under fire for failing to act on progressive claims around climate change and same-sex marriage.

The who's who of the Australian election

Mr Shorten made his mark as a trade unionist during the Beaconsfield mine disaster in Tasmania a decade ago.

He was instrumental in the overthrow of two Prime Ministers, including Kevin Rudd in his first term.

Mr Shorten has been criticised for lacking charisma. These are some of the most enthused answers we've seen from him to date.

One Nation's Pauline Hanson attends the Australian Electoral Commission's ballot draw for Queensland's Senate candidates in Brisbane, Friday, June 10, 2016. (AAP Image/Dan Peled) NO ARCHIVING

Pauline Hanson is Australian politics' version of the boomerang. This is her 10th crack at an election campaign and she's going after a Queensland senate seat.

Ms Hanson is an anti-immigration campaigner. She made waves in 1996 when she said Australia was in danger of being "swamped by Asians".

Most recently she likened Muslims to dangerous pit-bull terriers.

The who's who of the Australian election

The maverick north Queensland MP sparked outrage when he released this election ad just days after the shooting in Orlando. He refused to apologise or take it down.

Mr Katter infamously said he would walk backwards from Bourke if there was a homosexual in his electorate. This election he's running against an openly gay candidate.

The who's who of the Australian election

The former Australian Idol host is trying his hand at politics and is running as an independent against Mr Abbott in the Warringah electorate on Sydney's North Shore.

Mr Mathison is focusing on social media to get his campaign message across and he has his own three-word slogan: #TimesUpTony.

In May he was removed from a park by police as he protested the planned removal of trees in Sydney.