Video: Cute kitten has cuterebra removed

A cuterebra is pulled out of a kitten's nose (supplied / YouTube)
A cuterebra is pulled out of a kitten's nose (supplied / YouTube)

Warning: This video contains footage that may disturb some viewers.

Veterinarians in Nebraska have released a video of the moment they pulled a massive fly larva from the nose of a terrified, but thankful, kitten.

In the clip, Dr Elizabeth Farrington uses a pair of curved tongs to extract the parasite while the confused kitten tries to bat her away with its claws.

A dog, perhaps knowing what the feline is feeling, can be heard whimpering away in the background.

Despite the gathered vets' experience, even they're surprised at the sheer size of the larva when it pops out.

"Woah!" shouts one. "Poor baby kitten! There's a hole in his nose."

"It's moving - it's alive!" exclaims another.

The kitten rocks its head back, visibly relieved the ordeal is over.

According to the Nebraska Humane Society, which uploaded the video, it is a cuterebra.

"Treatment is one of the simplest things in veterinary medicine," the society's website reads. "Your veterinarian will probe and enlarge the breathing hole, grasp the parasite with forceps, and just pull the invader out."

The kitten is expected to make a full recovery.