Sinkhole opens up in Aussie backyard

  • 02/08/2016
Sinkhole opens up in Aussie backyard

A sinkhole has opened up in the Australian city of Ipswich - located west of Brisbane, home to politician Pauline Hanson - in the backyard of an elderly couple.

The backyard started to cave in down a century-old mine shaft.

But mayor of the city Paul Pisasale has told owners Lyn and Ray McKay their house will not drift into the abyss and engineers are confident they'll fix the hole.

"It will get worse for the next couple of hours. It's an exploratory shaft that goes down about 100 metres and there's no need to panic about a neighbourhood falling in, and we will take all the steps to get Lyn and Ray back in their house," Mr Pisasale told AAP.

The hole is six to eight metres in diameter and full of water.

But this is far from Ipswich's first claim to fame. The city is home to politician Pauline Hansen among other things.