Fierce debate over Target's 'sexist' Batgirl T-shirt

(Jacinta Leach/Facebook)
(Jacinta Leach/Facebook)

Retailer Target has come under fire for a girls' t-shirt which puts doing the laundry ahead of saving the world.

Outrage on social media has led Target Australia to stop selling the T-shirts, but the company is now facing backlash over its decision.

Facebook user Ninac Ollins post gained traction when she challenged Target "can you explain why you are selling something as offensive as this in your stores currently?"

Facebook user Jacinta Leah also took offense to the T-shirt, asking the company if "it was a smart idea to tell little girls that they should do the housework before being a superhero?"

Hours later, Target apologised and discontinued the shirts.

"After reviewing and reading our customers concerns on the Batgirl tee, we have decided to remove the shirt from our stores. It was never Target's intention to offend our customers with this item."

However other Facebook users have thrown their weight behind Target, and some have even started the hashtag #bringbackbatgirl.

Mum Kelly Barnard loved the Batgirl T-shirt.

Others have blamed Target for giving in to "small minorities" of people who are too sensitive.

Charmaine Hollywood took things one step further by comparing the so-called sexist T-shirt to another in the same range which could be interpreted as racist.

Target is yet to respond to the counter-complaints.