Super storm hits Aussie farmers hard

Storm damage is seen in the town of Blyth (AAP)
Storm damage is seen in the town of Blyth (AAP)

Adelaide has been lashed by more wild weather, with winds of up to 140km/h causing further damage to already storm-ravaged areas.

More than 50mm of rain fell in some parts, sparking concerns about flooding in surrounding suburbs.

"We are asking the community to be aware that we may see conditions this afternoon and evening potentially as bad, if not worse than yesterday," police commissioner Grant Stevens said on Thursday.

"I am recommending to people that if they can leave work early, they do so to avoid potential congestion on the metropolitan road network."

Crews are still trying to restore to some areas plunged into darkness by yesterday's state-wide blackout.

Power has been restored to 95 percent of homes across South Australia, with only about 25,000 left disconnected.

Super storm hits Aussie farmers hard

Surfers brave the storm surge in Adelaide (AAP)

The bad weather has spilled over into New South Wales, with farmers forced to dump hundreds of thousands of litres of milk they couldn't get to supermarkets on time due to flooding.

"There are guys down there who are going to lose a week's production, that is a big cost, we are talking many thousands of dollars," farmer Colin Thompson told the Sydney Morning Herald.

They're unable to wait out the storm and stop milking.

"[The cows] are used to being milked twice or three times a day," said Mr Thompson.

"If you suddenly stopped the milking process they could get an infection in the udder which could kill the cow - they'll either get an infection or dry themselves off and we couldn't use them anymore."

In contrast, the neighbouring state of Victoria has got off relatively unscathed.