Tromp daughter charged with car theft

  • 05/09/2016
Tromp daughter charged with car theft

In another twist in a bizarre saga that has gripped Australia, Ella Tromp has been charged with stealing a car.

Father Mark Tromp was found on the outskirts of a small town on Saturday days after disappearing in strange circumstances during a family outing.

Speculation has stirred over the family's "technology-free" road trip sparked by paranoia someone was trying to steal their money.

A day after leaving their home in Silvan, Victoria, son Mitchell left the family in Kelso, catching the train home.

Later that day the two daughters, Riana and Ella, also left.

Ella and Riana allegedly left Jenolan Caves in a stolen car. Riana was later found separated from her sister in a catatonic state in the back of a ute in Goulburn.

She's now in a mental health clinic along with their mother, who was found wandering the streets on Thursday.

On Monday two charges were laid against Ella, including theft of a motor vehicle and possessing the proceeds of a crime. She was bailed to appear at Ringwood Magistrates Court on April 19 next year.

Riana had also been charged with theft of a motor vehicle, but the charge was dropped under New South Wales' Mental Health Act.

No other charges were expected to be laid against the Tromp family, police told