Dreamworld deaths: Husband's wallet 'picked up,' not stolen

  • 26/10/2016
The scene of the tragedy at Dreamworld (Supplied)
The scene of the tragedy at Dreamworld (Supplied)

The husband of a victim in the Dreamworld tragedy had his wallet picked up for safe-keeping by a Good Samaritan, not stolen, as was reported.

Australia's Seven Network earlier quoted relatives saying Kate Goodchild's husband's wallet and phone was stolen from their child's pram as he desperately tried to help save his wife from under the raft.

However the network has since reported that the items were picked up by a police officer or paramedic and have since been returned.

Ms Goodchild died in the accident on Dreamworld's Thunder River Rapids Ride when the raft flipped.

Ms Goodchild's brother Luke Dorsett, Mr Dorsett's partner Roozi Araghi and New Zealand-born woman Cindy Low also died in the accident.

Two young children, aged 10 and 12, were also on the ride but miraculously escaped.

The surviving boy is believed to be the son of Ms Low, 42, a New Zealand ex-pat who was on holidays from her Sydney home when she was killed.

The surviving girl is believed to be the daughter of Ms Goodchild, 32.

Police say the raft collided with another on a conveyor belt system, causing it to flip backwards.

Two of the adults died when they were thrown from the raft, and the others were trapped underneath.

A team of 30 detectives is working to determine the details of what went so horribly wrong and police have vowed to charge anyone whose negligence contributed to the tragedy.

Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner Brian Codd says the children's survival almost defied belief.

"In terms of how they escaped, maybe through the providence of God," he said.

"From what I've seen (it's) almost a miracle that anybody came out of that. If we're going to be thankful for anything, I'm thankful for that."

But he said both would have a very tough time ahead of them.

"(It's been) absolutely traumatic for these children, and it will continue to be," he told reporters on Wednesday.

Luke Dorsett and Kate Goodchild's mother Kim Dorsett has said her devastated 12-year-old granddaughter was blaming herself for the tragedy.

She couldn't fathom the scale of her loss.

"I have three children and have lost two of them today - my whole family has been wiped out," she told The Courier-Mail.

NZN / Newshub.