Jury shown CCTV footage of Warriena Wright meeting Gable Tostee

(AAP/Supplied by Queensland Supreme Court)
(AAP/Supplied by Queensland Supreme Court)

Gable Tostee ate pizza and paced around Surfers Paradise in the hour after New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright fell to her death from his 14th floor balcony, a jury has seen.

Tostee, 30, is on trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court after pleading not guilty to murdering the 26-year-old woman in the early hours of August 8, 2014.

Ms Wright's final moments in public captured on CCTV were shown to the jury on Wednesday.

The jury has been played CCTV of the moment the pair met at a garden bar - they stayed there for two minutes before going to an alcohol shop to buy drinks. They then walked four minutes to Tostee's apartment.

It's there the prosecution claim Tostee strangled Ms Wright, threatening and intimidating her to the point she tried to escape off the balcony.

The jury had already heard an audio recording Tostee took on his phone.

In the recording, Tostee can be heard telling Ms Wright: "You're lucky I haven't chucked you off the balcony, you psycho bitch."

It escalates to the point Ms Wright screams out "no" 33 times in 75 seconds.

She then goes quiet.

The jury heard from Kiwi witness Delwyn Grooby from Waikato. She was on holiday at the time and was staying in a motel opposite Tostee's Avalon Apartment.

She said she was having trouble sleeping, and she described "going cold" when she heard a woman's repeated screams.

"It sounded like a frightened scream, it just kept going - it was very loud - then I heard a louder screech."

But the defence claims Tostee was trying to protect himself from Ms Wright who they say became "increasingly erratic" and threw ornamental rocks at him.

The jury was also shown photographs taken of Tostee the day after Ms Wright's death. Red marks or scratches could be seen on his face and body.

Defence barrister Saul Holt QC has argued Tostee was within his legal right to restrain Ms Wright, who he claimed was "beating him up", and was not responsible for her actions after he locked her out on the balcony.

Forensic experts have given evidence in the case and say they found Ms Wright's palm print on the balcony and on the railing.

The jury also heard her bloody jeans were torn from the impact of the fall.

Tostee was seen on camera leaving his building through the basement car park at 2.25am.

Over the next hour he walked around the Gold Coast entertainment precinct and bought a slice of pizza before calling his father Gray Tostee to pick him up.

It is not alleged that Tostee threw or pushed Ms Wright but that he intimidated and threatened her so greatly that she felt the only way to escape was to climb down from the locked balcony.

The trial continues.

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