Strangers gather at funeral of abandoned baby

  • 19/10/2016
Mourners gather around the graveside for the funeral of a baby girl, who was found dead on a footpath earlier this year (Getty Images),

Around 200 strangers have gathered at the funeral of a stillborn baby who was found abandoned on an English street.

Mourners of all ages attended the outdoor service and laid flowers and stuffed animals at the girls' grave.

(Getty Images)

In an emotional speech, the detective who led the case vowed to track the woman down.

"We will keep on trying to find your mother. That is my promise to you," Detective Inspector Jim Holmes said.

He also urged the baby's mother to come forward.

"No matter how small the lead, we will follow it up."

Investigators named the baby Raihana, meaning heaven's flower, which originates from her South East Asian ethnicity. 

Det Insp Holmes said: 'For someone who was on the earth for such a short time, you have touched the hearts and minds of the community and the entire country.

'You have left an indelible mark.'


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