Killed NSW woman thrown 80m in Vic crash

  • 14/11/2016
Killed NSW woman thrown 80m in Vic crash

A speeding motorist hit and killed a woman with a stolen car and then ran past her body as he fled the scene, Victorian police say.

Nicholas Michael Davison admits he was behind the wheel of the vehicle that struck and killed NSW woman Tanami Nayler.

Police say the 23-year-old stole the rental car from a business at Southern Cross railway station before speeding through a red light at more than 150km/h and striking Ms Nayler as she crossed the road with a friend.

Ms Nayler, 24, was instantly killed by the impact and thrown 80 metres in the early hours of July 30, documents before the Melbourne Magistrates' Court say.

Police allege Davison, a New Zealander who had recently moved to Melbourne, lost control of the car after the collision and hit a pole before running from the scene, past Ms Nayler's body on the road.

He disposed of his clothes before he was arrested and a blood sample was taken.

Davison's blood alcohol reading at the time of the crash was estimated at between 0.129 and 0.228.

He had been drinking with friends before going to the CBD, where he stole the rental car after being refused entry to a nightclub, police say.

Davison pleaded guilty on Monday to charges including culpable driving causing death and theft of a motor vehicle.

A number of other charges were dropped, including failing to render assistance.

He is due to face a plea hearing in February.

Ms Nayler had only arrived in Melbourne the day before the crash to spend the weekend with a friend and celebrate a recent promotion.