London Kiwis' famous watering hole burns down

  • 03/01/2017
London pub fire
The blaze spread through the pub in seconds (London Fire Brigade)

A generation of Kiwis who lived in London are mourning the loss of a much-loved watering hole.

The Redback Tavern, popular among New Zealand and Australian expats, was destroyed by fire just minutes after midnight on New Year's Day prompting online tributes from antipodeans worldwide.

The Kiwis in London Facebook page broke the news to many former expats who frequented the Acton pub until it closed in 2012 and re-opened as The Aeronaut.

"Heaps of Kiwis from decades ago remember the mighty Redback ... probably the original Kiwi bar here well known for cheap as drinks, hooking up, so much mayhem etc. Reckon hundreds of couples have this bar to blame for getting together!" the page revealed.

"Kiwis used to travel for hours from all over London to drink at the Reddie until it closed in Feb 2012 ending an era of snakebite induced hangovers!"

No one was injured in the blaze which tore through the pub in seconds.

Kiwis in London Facebook
Dozens of expats shared their memories of the pub (Kiwis in London / Facebook)

Kiwis still in London and those long-returned home took to Facebook.

"Feel like I should go and pay my respects," Louise Enright said.

"This place was a great London memory for most of us aye!" Bronwen Cropp added.