Aussie soldiers go to battle with Kiwi kai

  • 02/03/2017
australia army new zealand food

Australian soldiers are literally eating the ANZAC spirit.

Only 11 out of 43 items in their ration packs are Australian-made while the bulk of the rest are sourced from across the Tasman.

That's because a New Zealand company has the contract to supply the ration packs, a Senate committee has been told.

The tender for a new contract closed in February, but the Defence department won't reopen it to comply with new government procurement rules that encourage local purchases.

Among the Australian items in the ration packs are soup mix, jam, peaches, Life Savers lollies, chocolate spread, cheese, chewing gum and condensed milk.

The Kiwis are providing 24 items including beef, noodles, tea bags, crackers and curried sausages and vegetables.

Independent senator Nick Xenophon was unimpressed Aussie troops were being forced to use Chinese made toilet paper.

"Forcing our troops to use foreign toilet paper really is a bum rap," he said.