Body of missing Kiwi found in Bali

Indonesian police believe they have found the body of a missing New Zealand man who apparently died trying to save his girlfriend after she was swept into the water.

Temson Junior Simeki and his German girlfriend Leonie Hafke were part of a group of people at the Angel's Billabong tourist spot on Nusa Penida Island when several large waves hit.

Ms Hafke was hit by a wave and Mr Simeki immediately dove in to save her.

Ms Hafke was rescued four hours later by a snorkelling boat, but Mr Simeki was missing.

On Friday, Nusa Penida precinct police chief Ketut Suastika said that two fishermen found a body and contacted police.

Police believe a necklace found on the body indicates that "it's most likely that the victim is the foreigner who was dragged by the wave in Angel Billabong," Mr Suastika said.

"For now, the identification is not confirmed yet, but we strongly suspected it is the New Zealand tourist who went missing in Angel Billabong beach the other day."

The body was taken to Sanglah Hospital to be identified.

NZN / Newshub.