Barnaby Joyce - now just an Australian - is re-elected

  • 03/12/2017

After what he called a "challenging" five weeks campaigning to retake New England, former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is back in Parliament.

"We're getting the band back together," Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said to rapturous applause at the Nationals' election party in Tamworth on Saturday evening.

Mr Joyce, who was born in Australia but inherited NZ citizenship through his Kiwi father, was forced to resign in October as Australian law prohibits MPs from holding dual citizenship.

He and Mr Turnbull took the stage to declare an early victory after the former and future Deputy Prime Minister shot ahead with just a quarter of the votes counted.

But by 11pm on Saturday, with about 65 percent of the votes counted, Mr Joyce's lead was an unassailable 64 percent.

Mr Turnbull called it a "stunning victory".

Mr Joyce said he was humbled to be given another chance at performing the "sacred duty" of governing in Canberra.

"I say to the people of New England I don't take anything for granted," he said. "I will continue to work as flat out as I have in the past."

Mr Turnbull, earlier on Saturday, said he was eager for the former Deputy Prime Minister to return to the helm of the Nationals as divisions in the coalition flared up this week.

"There have been some personalities and there have been some tensions, there is no doubt about that," Mr Turnbull told reporters when questioned about the calls from within the Nationals for his resignation.

"The people of New England, returning Barnaby today, are making a great contribution to the government."

7 News / AAP / Newshub.