NZ welcomes latest sanctions on North Korea

  • 23/12/2017

Fresh United Nations sanctions brought against "belligerent" North Korea send a message its behaviour will not be "meekly accepted", Foreign Minister Winston Peters says.

The rogue nation has repeatedly tested nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, despite international pressure on regime leader Kim Jong-un to end the weapons programmes.

The latest round of sanctions include slashing deliveries of gasoline, diesel and heavy oil and banning North Korean exports in food, agricultural products, machinery, ships and other goods.

"Sanctions are an effective way of seeking to convince North Korea that its pursuit of nuclear weapons is both wrong-headed and counter-productive to its security and prosperity," Mr Peters said.

The measures were supported unanimously by the UN Security Council in response to the country's November 29 inter-continental ballistic missile test.

It was the fourth UN resolution brought against North Korea this year.

New sanctions on North Korea