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Donald Trump and 'Nambia'.

Donald Trump praises non-existent country of 'Nambia'

Donald Trump has praised the healthcare system of a country that doesn't exist.

Beelzebufo as seen in computer game Ark: Survival Evolved.

The incredible frog that battled dinosaurs

A prehistoric amphibian named 'devil frog' could have feasted on dinosaurs, scientists say.

The white giraffes were "extremely calm", according to conservationists.

Rare white giraffes discovered in Kenya

The pair have ivory-coloured skin, rather than the orange fur of most giraffes.

96 prisoners escaped from an Ivory Coast jail.

96 prisoners escape from Ivory Coast jail

The escape was orchestrated by followers of a popular bank robber.

Kenyan landfills filled with tons of plastic bags each year.

Kenya introduces plastic bag ban

There could be fines of $50,000 or four years imprisonment for those caught breaking the ban.

Auckland train diesel Mozambique Africa Council

Auckland's old diesel trains off to Africa

One ticket to Mozambique, please.

The BBC's Pidgin stories.

BBC launches Pidgin language service for Africa

De one we dem de read well well.

Watch the video for a report from iTV.

Devastating Sierra Leone mudslide: 400 bodies uncovered

The morgue is overwhelmed.

The Argentine big game hunter was crushed by an elephant in Namibia.

Trophy hunter crushed to death by elephant

The Argentinian man didn't have time to shoot the huge creature.

There have been at least 24 deaths in election-related unrest so far.

Kenyan opposition leader refuses to concede

He is calling for a strike to support his claim to the presidency.

President Mugabe with his wife.

Zimbabwe: Opposition unites to challenge Mugabe

President Mugabe has held onto power for four decades.

Yemen bombing

Govt increases aid to crises in Yemen and Africa

Aid for humanitarian crises will increase by $4.85 million, bringing the total to $12m since March.

An excavation in Australia has discovered humans arrived 65,000 years ago.

Humans arrived in Australia much earlier than first thought

New evidence shows humans arrived 65,000 years ago.


Small-brain human-like species discovered in Africa

Scientists hope the discovery will stop racism and intolerance from spreading.

Phosphate from mines like this in Morocco are New Zealand's main source (Getty)

NZ farmers could be hit by African phosphate seizure

The shipment from Morocco had been due in NZ at the end of the month.

The baby finishes with triumphant warning trumpet to the tourists (YouTube)

Baby elephant throws tiny tantrum, helps mum charge at tourists

It tries hard to keep up with its little legs.


Herd steps in after crocodile attacks elephant calf

It is unclear whether either animal lived to survive another day.

A Congolese police patrol., Sept 2016 (Reuters)

40 police officers decapitated in Democratic Republic of Congo attack

The lives of six were spared - because they spoke the local Tshiluba language.


Millions of Nigerians in dire need of food

Eight-and-a-half million people are in urgent need of food aid in northern Nigeria.

Victims head to a sports hall to shelter in Antananarivo, Madagascar (Getty)

Madagascar cyclone: Dozens dead, thousands displaced

Tens of thousands are taking shelter in welfare centres.