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Robert Mugabe has given no indication he intends to resign.

Robert Mugabe defies pressure to resign

The Zimbabwean president made no mention of resignation in a televised speech.

The ban was designed to discourage hunting of both elephants and lions.

Trump backpedals on hunting trophy imports

He now wants to "review all conservation facts".

Zimbabwean soldiers blocked roads to government buildings in central Harare.

Zimbabwean army cuts roads to govt offices

The military says it has seized power in an assault on 'criminals'.

Chilling footage shows slaves being auctioned off.

Inside the auctions where people are sold for $400

Blood-curdling footage shows African men being offered up to the highest bidder.

Researchers are calling for a critical change in response to the global nutrition crisis.

Millions either malnourished or obese

Almost every country in the world now has serious nutrition problems.


'Black Death' plague emerges in Madagascar

More than 1000 have contracted the highly fatal disease.

People wait in a queue outside the pharmacy to buy face masks in Antananrivo, Madagascar.

Plague outbreak has health officials worried

Plague has killed 94 people on the island of Madagascar and could spread further, the WHO says.

Malawi flag

'Vampires' torched, stoned to death

Belief in witchcraft is widespread in Malawi, where six people have been killed in recent weeks.


Thousands protest Mogadishu truck bombs

Thousands of Somalis demonstrated on Wednesday against those behind the bombings.

This attack will be the single deadliest ever in Somalia.

Massive explosion kills 230 in Somali capital

With over 200 others injured, this is the country’s single deadliest attack ever.

The exhibition has been pulled.

Museum exhibition compares Africans to wild animals

Hundreds of thousands of people saw it before anyone suggested it might be racist.

The fight came after a proposed law change favouring the incumbent President.

Crazed Ugandan politicians throw punches, chairs in parliament

The ugly scenes erupted after opposition to a new law that would extend the President's rule.

Donald Trump and 'Nambia'.

Donald Trump praises non-existent country of 'Nambia'

Donald Trump has praised the healthcare system of a country that doesn't exist.

Beelzebufo as seen in computer game Ark: Survival Evolved.

The incredible frog that battled dinosaurs

A prehistoric amphibian named 'devil frog' could have feasted on dinosaurs, scientists say.

The white giraffes were "extremely calm", according to conservationists.

Rare white giraffes discovered in Kenya

The pair have ivory-coloured skin, rather than the orange fur of most giraffes.

96 prisoners escaped from an Ivory Coast jail.

96 prisoners escape from Ivory Coast jail

The escape was orchestrated by followers of a popular bank robber.

Kenyan landfills filled with tons of plastic bags each year.

Kenya introduces plastic bag ban

There could be fines of $50,000 or four years imprisonment for those caught breaking the ban.

Auckland train diesel Mozambique Africa Council

Auckland's old diesel trains off to Africa

One ticket to Mozambique, please.

The BBC's Pidgin stories.

BBC launches Pidgin language service for Africa

De one we dem de read well well.

Watch the video for a report from iTV.

Devastating Sierra Leone mudslide: 400 bodies uncovered

The morgue is overwhelmed.