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A Sydney woman has won $20 million in Thursday Powerball draw.

$20 million Powerball win helps struggling Sydney mum

"It's come at the best time. It's been struggle after struggle."

The new WiFi service has been launched in time for the Commonwealth Games.

Gold Coast Council to use Comm Games WiFi for data mining

Yet the organisation says they're not doing anything illegal.

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'I am truly sorry' - Australian man films apology for racist tirade

The expletive-laden video went viral.


Sydney digger's mistake ruins Kiwis' internet

It may have slowed down your Netflix streaming overnight.

Ed Sheeran was bullied as a child.

Ed Sheeran's message to bullied kids

The popular singer was once a victim of bullying himself.

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Aussie miraculously wakes up after his life support was turned off

"There's a reason why I'm here, I don't know what that reason is. It's just not my time yet."

Athlete Turia Pitt's life changed forever in 2011.

Marathon fire burn victim talks mental resilience

It's been a long road to recovery for Australian athlete Turia Pitt.

Ciara with mother Colleen and MP Brad Battin.

Teen survives surgery no doctor would go near

There was only one surgeon willing to operate on Ciara Nelson.

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Perth girl fights medical odds after garden tap electrocution

She was pronounced brain-dead.

Daphne prior to her escape.

Giant inflatable duck Daphne found by Aussie fisherman

Daphne went missing at sea just before a swimming event last weekend.

Bush fires wreaked havoc in Australia.

Australian bushfires destroy almost 100 buildings

The flames wreaked havoc across Victoria and New South Wales in a "day out of hell".

Esther Olsson discovered Hillsong Church designed a cover that resembles her own art

Aussie artist claims Hillsong 'stole' album cover design

She refused to design the megachurch's album art, so they made a cover that was "heavily influenced" by her artwork.

He says he knows where it is - and "it's full of bullet holes".

Aussie officials slam investigator over MH370 cover-up claims

He says he knows where it is - and "it's full of bullet holes".

Is this the worst burglar ever?

Bookworm burglar worms his way into bookstore

Is this the worst burglar ever?

Dozens of homes have been destroyed as firefighters battle bushfires in Victoria and New South Wales.

Dozens of homes destroyed in Aussie bushfires

A third of a township has been wiped out.

Brothers and Channel 9 workmates Karl and Peter Stefanovic have apologised over the incident.

Aussie TV host's Uber driver records him gossiping about colleagues

Karl Stefanovic has now apologised for being "so stupid".

An Australian KFC customer didn't quite get the taste he was expecting.

Mouth full of maggots for KFC customer

A wriggly flavour was not what he had bargained for.

The woman was caught on dash cam twice.

Woman caught on camera vandalising Audi

There is no obvious motive, except perhaps jealousy.

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Man loses $1300 over transport chip implanted in hand

"Meow-Ludo" was fined for not having a valid ticket, but chose to go to court.

Breastfeeding Ed Sheeran fan Kirsty McDonald told to buy ticket for infant, even though he wouldn't have his own seat.

Breastfeeding Ed Sheeran fan told to buy ticket for baby

"I just thought it was absolutely ridiculous. I'm quite angry."