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However the local council wants the slide gone.

Aussie mates' backyard waterslide brings 'street together' 1 hour ago

However the local council wants the slide gone.

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University under fire for offensive yearbook comments

Comments included "consent is nothing!" and other offensive language.

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Tests showed seven Banana Boat sunscreens severely underperforming

Tests showed seven Banana Boat sunscreens severely under performing.

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Voluntary euthanasia to be legalised in Victoria

The Australian state voted in favour after marathon debate

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'My K-cup breasts won't stop growing' - woman's plea for breast reduction

She has taken to the internet to crowdfund the surgery.

It took firemen four hours to free Riley from the collapsed trench.

Eight-year-old buried under six tonnes of sand

The Perth boy was playing in a trench when the walls gave way.

A car rolled into a Gold Coast swimming pool after its owner forgot to apply the handbrake.

Car rolls into pool after driver forgets handbrake

The unattended vehicle crashed through a fence on a Gold Coast property.

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Hectic punch-up on Melbourne train after bike row

Things got ugly when a man took issue with a group of youths who'd brought bikes onto the Metro.

District Court Judge John North (pictured) said the paedophile was 'naive' and sympathised with his lack of sleep.

Pedo who admitted abusing girls spared jail

The judge (pictured) sympathised with the abuser losing sleep over the case.

Mr Turnbull was asked to name his favourite AC/DC track in the wake of Malcolm Young's death.

Aussie PM struggles to name a single AC/DC song

He was asked to name his favourite track, but apparently couldn't.

Bob Katter is known for his conservative stance.

Aussie politician's bizarre comment on gay marriage

Bob Katter is known for his conservative stance, but this response was just plain weird.

The wreckage of the victim's Mercedes.

Australian man dies in 'catastrophic' crash

The car which struck his was travelling over 200km/h.

Finks enforcer deported twice in 24 hours

Kiwi bikie gangster deported twice in 24 hours

He denied all links to the outlaw motorcycle gang - despite wearing their patches.

ACDC founder and guitarist Malcolm Young has died aged 64.

AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young dies, aged 64

The Aussie rock legend died peacefully on Saturday after a long battle with dementia.

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Australian youth detention 'breaking' children - report

The report found widespread mistreatment of children in the youth detention centres.

An adorable baby girl wearing oversized sunglasses outside

Top 20 bogan baby names released

If your name's Jewelz, Kaos or Zealand, sorry - you've made the cut.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten believes the government shouldn't block NZ's offer.

NZ refugee offer a future possibility - Turnbull

The Australian Prime Minister has softened his language on the issue.

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Lawyer offers to help anti-gay couple divorce

Australian couple Sarah and Nick Jensen vowed to divorce if gay marriage was legalised.

Watch Jacinda Ardern speak to media about her offer to take refugees from Australia's offshore detention centres.

A leak and a warning: Australia's bloody diplomacy

Australia's Immigration Minister has a warning for Jacinda Ardern.

Judith Collins is not a fan of Jacinda Ardern's style of diplomacy.

Collins launches attack on Ardern's 'student politics'

The National Party MP says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has a lot to learn about international relations.