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Opportunity party proposes new policy for farmers 20/01/2017

Gareth Morgan wants a new tax and restricting herd numbers.

2016 hottest year on record worldwide 19/01/2017

16 of the 17 hottest years on record have been in the 21st century.

Fiat Chrysler suspected of cheating emissions tests 14/01/2017

Fiat Chrysler has become the latest carmarker to be dragged into the emissions scandal.

Oil ship precursor to 'Armageddon' - activist 14/01/2017

Environmental activists have sailed out to confront a seismic testing ship.

The Selwyn River's 'unbelievable' decline 04/01/2017

The Govt says it's "wadeable", but locals disagree.

Recycling conservation environment

New Year's resolutions to help save the planet 03/01/2017

3 easy things to do if you're feeling hopeless about the state of our environment.


Deaths of Waikato crayfish a mystery 30/12/2016

Hundreds of koura were found dead in a Waikato stream.

Kiwi scientists test health of yellow-eyed penguins 27/12/2016

On a small island hundreds of kilometres south of Bluff, Kiwi scientists are carrying out a census.

NZ sea lions in danger of extinction 25/12/2016

It's been a very different Christmas Day for a group of researchers stationed on NZ's sub-antarctic islands.

E coli in a petri dish (Getty)

Hawke's Bay stream off-limits 17/12/2016

Swimmers are being warned to stay out of the water.

NZ research could help reduce greenhouse gas 17/12/2016

A new Kiwi breakthrough could help prevent excess nitrogen caused by farm fertilisers from becoming a harmful greenhouse gas.

Sheep milk: The billion-dollar future of New Zealand? 16/12/2016

Will sheep milk one day replace cow milk as Kiwis’ drink of choice? One Nelson family is banking on it, saying it’s healthier and better for the environment.

'World's most comfortable shoe' thanks to Kiwi ingenuity 15/12/2016

A former All White and a bit of Kiwi ingenuity has brought the world its "most comfortable shoe".

London museum honours Rainbow Warrior bomber 14/12/2016

The museum is exhibiting a photograph taken by one of the Rainbow Warrior bombers.

Angry seal attacks German tourist in Abel Tasman 14/12/2016

An 18-year-old German man received severe bite wounds to both his legs after swimming with seals in the water at Separation Point.

Chatham Islands resident has WWII flying boat in backyard 13/12/2016

It's the final week of Story and the one thing we have loved discovering this year is the great Kiwi characters.

British mining expert prepared to enter Pike River Mine 13/12/2016

New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters has offered himself to be the first to re-enter the Pike River Mine where 29 miners died back in 2010.

Stewart Island shark tourism company operating without permit 13/12/2016

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, alarming reports are emerging from the Stewart Island shark tourism industry.

Christmas in New Zealand hits the streets and schools 12/12/2016

This week is the last chance to aim for the number one Christmas spot in the charts and to raise as much money as possible for Red Cross Kaikoura to help earthquake victims.

Tired driving just as dangerous as drink driving 12/12/2016

The holidays are almost here and we all know we need to stay off the roads if we're under the influence.