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Pope Francis fired a not-too-subtle jab at Donald Trump.

Pope criticises US over Paris accord

He not-too-subtly called out Donald Trump for "abandoning" the agreement.

open mouthed Adelie penguin young that's begging for the attent of mum

Only 2 Adélie penguin chicks survive breeding season

A changing climate is having a catastrophic effort on the birds.

Eight of these rivers are in Asia.

10 rivers causing 95 pct of ocean plastic pollution

Eight of these rivers are in Asia.


'Malicious' 1080 drop actually just rabbit bait pellets

But many aspects of the bait drop have left the Whanganui Council "very concerned".


Kea ahead in Bird of the Year competition

The kereru is in second place.

A discarded plastic bag floats at the surface of the Sea.  This image was taken to convey the concept of mans negative impact on the environment and Global Ocean pollution.  Plastic floating in the Ocean is a common sight throughout the world.  It is commonly now known as a threat to vast amounts of marine and bird life.  Its presence remains in the ocean for generations.  This image was taken whilst scuba diving in the Andaman Sea, Thailand.  I later removed the trash from the sea.

New World follows Countdown's lead to phase out plastic bags

Originally they were only planning to charge for bags.

Rock wren (Xenicus gilviventris) calling, alpine zone of South Island, New Zealand

Quiz: Which lesser-known Bird of the Year contestant are you?

We all know about the kiwi and kākāpō, but what about the kakī?

Environmental groups say our efforts are "embarrassing".

Niue marine protection area: New Zealand challenged to 'step up'

Environmental groups say our efforts are "embarrassing".

The fire raged across the Port Hills for days in February.

Planting brings new life to Port Hills

7200 plants have been planted in parts of the Port Hills


Countdown to phase out plastic bags

The bags will be gone from Countdown supermarkets by the end of 2018.


Air NZ to recycle food across flights

In the past, any unused food was sent to landfill.

A fracking drill at sunset.

Scotland extends moratorium on fracking

The moratorium will continue for the foreseeable future.

Greens leader James Shaw (Getty)

Call to action from environmental leaders

Seven key environmental organisations are calling on the major political parties to prioritise protecting the environment.

A kereru.

Great Kereru Count almost done

New Zealand's biggest "citizen science project" is about to end.

Common brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula), holding piece of fruit, clinging to tree with prehensile tail. Bargarra, Queensland, Australia. (Photo by Auscape/UIG via Getty Images)

Forest and Bird condemns anti-1080 attacks

Protesters have reportedly been vehicle tampering and leaving poison in letterboxes.

James Shaw is open to a National-Greens deal.

'I will hear the Prime Minister out' - James Shaw

The Green Party leader is keeping the door ajar for a potential coalition deal with National.


Police investigating threats against DoC staff

Wheel nuts have reportedly been loosened on vehicles in attacks believed to be related to 1080 protests.

The turtle was in intensive care for 13 days.

Rare turtle dies after ingesting litre of plastic

Auckland Zoo is asking consumers to be conscious of the plastic they use.


Victoria University a finalist for energy efficiency award

The Rankine Brown and Hub buildings have been recogniz=sed for their low environmental impact.


Hamilton urged to give up cars - just for one day

Friday is World Car-Free Day.