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Tane Mahuta, New Zealand's largest known living kauri tree, Northland

Kauri could die off within decades

It's more than just a tree that's at stake - it's our history.

Endangered kiwi bird (Getty)

Kiwi found slain by dogs on Kawau Island

Two of the bodies were found in an area where dogs are banned.

Winston Peters and James Shaw - potential coalition partners?

Winston talks up NZ First's green credentials

Winston Peters says it will take time, but people will eventually see the good.


Monster iceberg breaks off Antarctic ice shelf

Going... going... gone! A trillion-tonne block of ice has just been set loose.


'Lake Snot' spreads around South Island

The snotty algae clogs filters, messes up fishing gear and clings to boats.


Pressure builds for a tax on plastic bags

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has reiterated his calls for a 10 cent levy on plastic bags.

The project is based in Rotorua (Getty, file)

Remedy for treated timber in landfills

The Government is helping fund a two-year project to investigate the feasibility of remediating treated timber.

The John Paul DeJoria is confronted by fishing vessels.

Sea Shepherd boat rammed by fishermen

A Sea Shepherd vessel has been damaged during an aggressive altercation off the coast of Panama.


Mystery of Antarctic sea ice investigated by science and art

Last year, the Antarctic sea ice extent reached its lowest level on record.

The future is looking more and more bleak for the wildlife of the Arctic, especially the polar bears. These bears rely on the sea ice to hunt their favorite prey, seals, and this large male bear seen here, seems to be looking across the Arctic in disbelief as his world disappears beneath him.

Hey, Govt: Pull your weight in the climate fight

If the Government thinks NZ can't make a difference together, why should individuals bother?


'It'll be done when I'm dead' - Goodall

The 'Chimpanzee Lady' vowed to Newshub she'll never give up the conservation fight.

Jane Goodall.

Jane Goodall's message to New Zealand

The world's premiere orangutan expert has strong opinions on Donald Trump and palm oil.

Old tyres leach contaminants into our land and water.

Government announces tyre recycling plan

They plan on burning the rubber as fuel.


Tui on the rise in New Zealand gardens

A decade's research on garden bird populations has been released, with 28,960 gardens surveyed.


Woman 'intimidated' by 1080-dropper

She claims the company sent police to talk to her about the drop.

Dead baby elephant found side of road in Malaysia (Management and Ecology of Malaysian Elephants)

Baby elephant slain on Malaysian highway

The discovery of the corpse has prompted pleas for drivers to take care.


Longline fishing kills 300,000 birds a year, including albatrosses

New Zealand scientists have joined French and UK researchers to help seabird survival.

Possums - could a gene drive kill them off?

Gene technique could 'eradicate' pests

A new technique being developed at Otago University could deal the killer blow.

The New Zealand tūī.

North Island in top three 'hot spots' for plant and animal invasion

Around half the North Island's established plant life originated elsewhere.

Plastic bag pollution

Mayors call for plastic bag tax

Auckland's Phil Goff, Wellington's Justin Lester and Dunedin's Dave Cull have signed an open letter.