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Rapidly shrinking Arctic ice alarms scientists

This past winter, temperatures have soared 10degC higher than usual.


NZ pine pollen found 11,000m under the sea

It suggests pollen may be a food source for some deep-sea organisms.

An aerial view of the Kaskawulsh Glacier taken in September (Dan Shugar / University of Washington Tacoma)

Why a Canadian river dried up in four days

The Slims River flowed the same way for 300 years, now it's a victim of climate change.


What this massive crack in Antarctica means

A massive iceberg around 5000 square km threatens to crack off.


A pipeline through a kiwi sanctuary might not be so bad

Isobel Ewing wonders if the opposition is ideological rather than based on facts and evidence.


Is this clever invention the end of plastic water bottles?

Bottled water is a booming industry but it's terrible for the environment - so one company came up with a way to fix it.


'Whalecam' captures secret life of humpbacks

Little cameras attached to the whales provide a unique view into their habits.


Green light for huge water extraction project on West Coast

It was opposed by UNESCO.


We should be embarrassed about how DoC is treated

DoC is horribly underfunded and it doesn't add up, writes Jesse Mulligan.


Akaroa residents poo-poo new sewage ponds

Residents are fighting a plan that could put sewage ponds near their homes.


$26m could save endangered Māui dolphin

A major conservation group says it has found a way to save the world's rarest dolphin.


Climate change could spark coffee crisis - study

Even short heatwaves mean no fruit. No fruit means no beans. No beans means no coffee.

Hayley Holt at a hemp farm in the UK (Hayley Holt /Facebook)

Holt establishes her 'green' credentials

She believes hemp should be easier to buy, sell and grow.


The Greens can't run a river visit to a river

Wednesday's PR stunt was a total disaster, writes Isobel Ewing.

Flooded road

Kiwis warming to human-caused climate change - study

New research shows New Zealanders are increasingly accepting the evidence.


Trailer released for Inconvenient Truth sequel

It was released just hours after President Trump signed an executive order undoing a slew of Obama-era climate change policies.

Cattle Cow Farm in New Zealand. You can even see sheep on the typical green hills in back.

'Breakthrough' bull semen could cut nitrogen leaching

It could be a world first solution.


Southern Hemisphere salmon come back from near extinction

The only sockeye salmon population in New Zealand is fighting back for its existence.


Campaign aims to plant a tree for every Kiwi

The long-term goal is to plant 180 million trees.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge seen during the tenth anniversary of Earth Hour in Sydney, Australia, March 25, 2017.      REUTERS/David Gray - RTX32NLM

Globe goes dark for Earth Hour

Around the world, lights were switched off on Saturday night in honour of the 10th Earth Hour.