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Lake Ōmāpere is known as the 'food basket of the North'.

Stinky lake free of toxins

The algae bloom is actually suffocating other life in Lake Ōmāpere, not poisoning it.

A kereru.

Hope for the return of the 'dawn chorus'

There's a new plan to wipe out pests in Northland's Russell Forest.


Seal found in Norfolk with frisbee embedded in its neck

She was released back into the wild on Wednesday.

Video: The US President isn't a big fan of the environment.

Kiwis' attempt to 'crowdfund a forest' hits a million trees

The founders say 'Trump Forest' aims to combat his climate ignorance.

A tour through Sir Peter Blake's Seamaster.

Pirate who robbed Sir Peter Blake finally caught

Jose Irandir Cardoso was involved in the robbery that led to the yachtsman's death in 2001.

NEW ZEALAND - 2004/01/01: Subantarctic New Zealand, Auckland Islands, Enderby Island, Hooker's (new Zealand) Sea Lion Colony, Beach Masters. (Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Critically endangered New Zealand sea lion killed in trawl net

Forest & Bird say the nets are dangerous and must be replaced.

Are You Ready sign against a stormy background with lightning and copy space. Dirty and angled sign adds to the drama.

Natural catastrophes are top risk to NZ security

And extreme weather events are a close second.


Is it okay to throw an apple core out your car window?

"It's making this environment and this country look like a tip, and it's unacceptable."

Two dogs Tahi and Nala have been recruited to hunt down Chilean Needle Grass.

Invasive Chilean Needle Grass fought by new detector dogs

Tahi and Nala are joining the fight to stop its spread.

The area was declared off-limits on February 1.

Tahunanui Beach in Nelson given green light

The public can swim at Tahunanui Beach, the back beach and along Rocks Rd in Nelson after a sewage spill earlier in the month closed the area.

Forest & Bird's Dean Baigent-Mercer says rātā are facing an uncertain future.

Kiwis urged to plant rātā seeds to save trees

The native giants are facing an uncertain future due to pests and myrtle rust.


Avalanche of white tail spiders coming to NZ

But as Three's The Project learned, it's not their bite that will hurt you.


Greenpeace protesters forcibly removed from boat

They had clocked themselves onto a support vessel for a seismic blasting ship.


Japanese butterflies emerge in New Zealand to combat invasive vine

An army of caterpillars were brought in.

That's a lovely view, but how's the smell?

An open letter to 'dirty' freedom campers

Imagine, my dear campers, if we Kiwis started pooing in your backyard, offers Tony Wright.


What ever happened to the beach New Zealand bought?

Word on the street there are"lots of people".

Waikanae Estuary, Kapiti, Wellington.

Bacteria warning for Kapiti waterways

It's feared bacteria has increased to levels that may cause illness to swimmers.

National Forestry spokesman Dr Nick Smith.

Govt tree target a 'mirage' - Opposition

The Opposition says the Government's plan to plant 1 billion trees in 10 years has become an "embarrassing" "mirage", after getting off to a slow start.

Former Auckland Council biosecurity manager Jack Craw speaks to The AM Show.

Kauri dieback: Hopes walking track upgrades will stem its spread

Kauri dieback disease is having a devastating effect on the forest giants.

The couple went a year of being completely rubbish-free in 2008.

Waste-free no waste of time

How to put out only one wheelie bin of rubbish a year.