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Hamilton urged to give up cars - just for one day

Friday is World Car-Free Day.


Nelson man sentenced for killing kea

Normally, the crime carries a fine of at least $15,000.

Winston Peters.

A vote for NZ First a vote against water tax - Peters

He told farmers National was also planning a water tax.

Hundreds are protesting against proposed water restrictions on rivers.

Hawke's Bay locals rally against water conservation

Hundreds are protesting against proposed water restrictions on rivers.

National leader Bill English.

English denies economy over environment

National leader Bill English has denied sacrificing the environment for New Zealand's economic growth.

The Waimea Dam Project will get $7 million from the Freshwater Improvement Fund.

Waimea Dam Project's funding questioned

It's going to get $7 million from the Freshwater Improvement Fund.

Chris Bishop.

National refuses to commit to carbon neutral target

It says even if NZ makes a target, it won't make a difference.

Dairy cows are a large source of increased levels of nitrogen.

Wonder-weed may solve NZ's cow pollution problem

It's a common plant with the ability to soak up nitrogen from cow urine.

The environmental impacts of plastic bags have led to charges being implemented in retailers.

New World lets customers decide on plastic bag charges

Shoppers are invited to vote on if they would like to pay, and if so, how much.

The town now only has six days of water reserves left.

'We cannot rely on council anymore' - angry Westport residents

The town now only has six days of water reserves left.

Ecan, Christchurch

Water activists storm Christchurch Ecan office

The group has occupied the lobby of the building demanding the return of democracy.

Oil that leaked from a small oil tanker that sank on September 10, is seen on a beach on Salamina island, Greece, September 12, 2017. REUTERS/Giorgos Moutafis - RC16A71222C0

Beach black with oil after tanker shipwrecks

The slick has polluted more than 2km of shoreline.


Greens pledge fund dedicated to climate change fight

Any surplus will be "returned to every New Zealander".


Labour announces top priorities if elected

The list includes targeting mental health, housing and education.


Why we should get rid of the word 'townie' for NZ's sake

There's a nasty rural/urban war happening online, writes Sarah Perriam.

Sam Mahon's controversial statue of Nick Smith was delivered to the Environment Canterbury offices today.

Nick Smith not bothered by squatting Nick Smith statue

The controversial sculpture depicts Environment Minister Nick Smith squatting over a glass of water.

National leader Bill English

Urban planning faces major overhaul

Urban planning rules would be overhauled and separated from the Resource Management Act under a fourth-term National Government.

Sam Mahon's latest artwork.

Statue depicts Nick Smith with pants down

The artist plans to put it outside the offices of Environment Canterbury.

Nick Smith

Nick Smith attacked with poison, shoved at market

The Minister lodged a complaint with police after he had rat poison rubbed in his face.

Steam and other emissions rise from an industrial plant in Melbourne, Tuesday, April 29, 2014. The Abbott government's pledge to remove the carbon tax will be tested when the new Senate is formed after July 1. (AAP Image/Julian Smith) NO ARCHIVING

Govt accused of hiding climate report

"It seems that there are inconvenient truths in this new report," said James Shaw.