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'Trash man' wears his rubbish for a month 16/02/2017

Rob Greenfield has rubbish taste in clothes - to make a point about waste.

A possum (Getty)

Invasive species on the march 16/02/2017

New Zealanders are being urged to remain vigilant in guarding the country's borders.

Whales re-stranded on Farewell Spit 11/02/2017

Volunteers are attempting to re float the whales this morning.

Plan Bee: How drones could join forces with insects 10/02/2017

The technology could let bees do what they do best - make honey.

Orchestra makes dying kauri sing 08/02/2017

The Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra joined forces with a DJ and music producer.

Whale dies with 30 plastic bags in stomach 04/02/2017

The 6 metre whale had to be put down.

US President Donald Trump

Trump to pull out of global climate agreement 31/01/2017

It could be revoked today by executive order, according to a Trump advisor.

Prince Charles (Getty)

Charles warned not to 'lecture' Trump on climate 30/01/2017

While Donald Trump has accepted an invitation to meet the Queen, he's not so keen on meeting her son.

An aerial shot of Waiheke Island

Waiheke: The big beach clean-up 29/01/2017

Volunteers will be donning gloves and picking up rubbish.

Swimmer treks across Manukau Harbour for good cause 24/01/2017

The trip is part of a 1100km mission up the North Island's West Coast.

Stormwater drain (Getty)

No summer swimming at several Auckland beaches 22/01/2017

The equivalent of 400 swimming pools of sewage seeps into the harbour every year.

Opportunity party proposes new policy for farmers 20/01/2017

Gareth Morgan wants a new tax and restricting herd numbers.

2016 hottest year on record worldwide 19/01/2017

16 of the 17 hottest years on record have been in the 21st century.

Fiat Chrysler suspected of cheating emissions tests 14/01/2017

Fiat Chrysler has become the latest carmarker to be dragged into the emissions scandal.

Oil ship precursor to 'Armageddon' - activist 14/01/2017

Environmental activists have sailed out to confront a seismic testing ship.

The Selwyn River's 'unbelievable' decline 04/01/2017

The Govt says it's "wadeable", but locals disagree.

Recycling conservation environment

New Year's resolutions to help save the planet 03/01/2017

3 easy things to do if you're feeling hopeless about the state of our environment.


Deaths of Waikato crayfish a mystery 30/12/2016

Hundreds of koura were found dead in a Waikato stream.

Kiwi scientists test health of yellow-eyed penguins 27/12/2016

On a small island hundreds of kilometres south of Bluff, Kiwi scientists are carrying out a census.

NZ sea lions in danger of extinction 25/12/2016

It's been a very different Christmas Day for a group of researchers stationed on NZ's sub-antarctic islands.