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Lloyd Burr has been announced as Newshub's new Europe Correspondent.

Lloyd Burr announced as Newshub's Europe Correspondent

He will take up the position in May.

It is widely expected to be Ms Merkel's last term.

Angela Merkel elected German Chancellor

It puts an end to nearly six months of political drift in Europe's biggest economy.

Ollolai, an Italian town, is selling houses for just one Euro each.

This Italian town is selling homes for just $1.70

What housing crisis?

An anti-abortion protester attempts to interrupt a 2016 pro-choice demonstration.

Anti-abortion protests in Ireland ahead of law change vote

At least 10,000 people have rallied against plans to ease the country's tight restrictions on abortion.

Ms Merkel could be sworn in as Chancellor by mid-March.

Germany Social Democrats back coalition with Merkel

This ends more than five months of political uncertainty after an inconclusive election.

Donald Trump.

Trade war: Europe's threats just a 'rounding error - US

Donald Trump's new tariffs will destroy more jobs than they create, economists have said.

The worst sexting fails have been compiled by Bored Panda.

Are these the worst sexting fails you have seen?

A person was asked what their favourite position was, they said CEO.

Travel agents are pleading with Kiwis to keep in contact - and stay safe.

'Beast from the East' threatens Kiwis' travel dreams

Travel agents are pleading with Kiwis to keep in contact as the killer storm hits.

The sharp decline in Arctic sea ice has been highlighted in an interactive image by NASA.

Global warming causes freezing blast in Europe - scientists

Cities from Warsaw to Oslo are colder than -8degC.

Facebook regularly updates its privacy settings.

Facebook faces hefty fines after ignoring privacy laws

Facebook has been ordered to delete all data it has gathered illegally on Belgian citizens.

Police said Traini, who has a neo-Nazi symbol tattooed above his eyebrow, admitted to carrying out the drive-by shootings and had shown no remorse.

Racist shootings unlikely to hurt Italian party

The Italian man who shot six African migrants stood in a local ballot for the far-right League party.

The luxury sports car burst into flames at the Monte Carlo rally in Monaco.

Top Gear presenters escape car as it bursts into flames

Chris Harris and Eddie Jordan had a narrow escape at the Monte Carlo rally in Monaco.

Authorities identified the shooter as 28-year-old right wing extremist Luca Traini.

Italian right-wing extremist shoots 6 African immigrants

The gunman went on a two-hour drive-by shooting spree in the central Italia city of Macerata.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga cancels tour due to pain

"All I know is that if I don't do this, I am not standing by the words or meaning of my music."

The overflowing waters have already engulfed riverside walkways in Paris.

Nearly 1500 evacuated as Seine floods

The overflowing waters have already engulfed riverside walkways in Paris.

A new interactive map has revealed the most popular songs in 3000 cities and towns all around the world.

Map reveals most popular songs in 3000 international cities

New Zealand is split between two top tracks.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is already under construction.

Fears new pipeline will make Russia stronger

But Germany and Austria like the idea of having cheap gas from the east.

Donald Trump at Davos.

Trump booed and hissed after calling news 'fake'

The US President was speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos when the crowd turned on him.

Facebook phone

Facebook wants to stop tough hate speech laws

Facebook bosses say a new hate speech law in Germany goes too far.


Meet the man using Tinder to travel the world

He's conquered Europe - now he's set his sights on New Zealand.