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Ancient bubbles in ice from an Antarctic glacier were studied (Getty)

Fossil fuel emissions worse than previously thought

The study's lead author says this means we have "more leverage to fight global warming".

Conservators say the cake still looks edible.

Hundred-year-old fruitcake found in Antarctic hut

Conservators say the cake still looks edible.


Did an earthquake cause an Antarctic ice shelf to crack?

Newshub busts the seven biggest myths around one of the world's largest icebergs.


Monster iceberg breaks off Antarctic ice shelf

Going... going... gone! A trillion-tonne block of ice has just been set loose.


Mystery of Antarctic sea ice investigated by science and art

Last year, the Antarctic sea ice extent reached its lowest level on record.

The Larsen C ice shelf.

Massive Antarctic ice shelf ready to split

It's as big as Bali, and is like a "niggling tooth", ready to crack.


Century-old painting discovered in Antarctic hut

The freezing conditions mean the artwork is "almost perfectly preserved".


Towing icebergs from Antarctica: Would it work?

A Kiwi scientist has poured cold water on the idea.

Small iceberg up close photographed from a zodiac. The iceberg from an Antarctic glacier is a deep electic blue.

Icebergs for sale?

The UAE is short of water and wants to transport icebergs from Antarctica.


Giant crack on Antarctic ice shelf splits into two

The resultant iceberg would be three times the size of Stewart Island.


What this massive crack in Antarctica means

A massive iceberg around 5000 square km threatens to crack off.


'Whalecam' captures secret life of humpbacks

Little cameras attached to the whales provide a unique view into their habits.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - MARCH 23:  The scene outside the Auckland War Memorial Museum at the world premiere of ANTARCTICA - while you were sleeping at the Auckland War Memorial Museum on March 23, 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand.  (Photo by Michael Bradley/Getty Images for Auckland War Memorial Museum)

Auckland Museum gets Antarctic

The artist behind the installation says it may have been easier to tow up a real iceberg.


Antarctica comes to Auckland

A full-scale iceberg will appear over the Domain this weekend.

adelie penguin antarctica Non-breeding animals were hard to find because they were often out hunting (Getty)

Antarctica's Adélie penguin numbers swell in new census

Their numbers almost doubled overnight.


On top of the world at the bottom of the Earth

"Each footstep had to be made with focus and intent. Then I plunged through the snow."

Antarctica (Reuters)

Antarctic ice hits record low

Concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere on the other hand is at an all-time high.

Floating ice is starting to shrink after three consecutive years of record high temperatures (Reuters)

Sea ice around Antarctica hits record low

After years of resisting global warming trends, it has shrunk to the smallest size in 19 years.

A frozen section of the Ross Sea at the Scott Base in Antarctica on November 12, 2016.   REUTERS/Mark Ralston/Pool - RTX2TB9X

Antarctic science digs deep for climate secrets

High summer on the ice leads to an explosion of scientific research.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott statue (supplied)

Antarctic hero's statue to be restored

The damaged statue of Antarctic explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott will be restored.