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Image: An Antarctic 'pyramid'.

Conspiracy Corner: What's really going on in Antarctica?

Most of the icy desert is off limits - but why?


Former chef to the stars keeping Scott Base full and happy

He's cooked for Madonna, now he's feeding Kiwis in Antarctica.


Exploring Jupiter's moon with an Antarctic robot

A Kiwi research team is teaming up with the NASA-funded project.

Image - Supplied; Video - Newshub.

How life under Antarctica's sea ice is adapting to climate change

Newshub goes beneath the sea ice with a scuba diving research team.

The Antarctic sea ice growth in winter and melt in summer is the biggest annual change on the planet.

'Daunting' sea ice plummet could be tipping point

Sea ice melting around Scott Base this early hasn't been seen in more than 30 years.

First group of women to visit the South Pole

Pioneering Antarctic women honoured at Scott Base

The Kiwi women have been a major part of Antarctic history.

Craig Hamilton-Parker gave a series of bold predictions about 2018.

British psychic gives ominous warning to NZ for 2018

He correctly predicted Donald Trump's presidency, and the outcome of the Brexit vote.

Antarctica's mystery and majesty is drawing more tourists than ever seen before.

Antarctic tourism booming, but at a cost

Lady Hillary says Antarctica should be enjoyed and respected.


What it's like to camp in Antarctica

First came the tents, then came the saws, Breanna Barraclough writes.

Vandals left Captain Robert Falcon Scott hanging, after snapping his walking pole.

Christchurch mystery: Who stole the pole?

Vandals left Captain Robert Falcon Scott hanging, after snapping his walking pole.


Greenpeace calls for extensive Antarctic protected area

The proposal to join up a number of smaller parks needed unanimous support.

ANTARCTIC PENINSULA, ANTARCTICA - 2006/03/25: Glaciers by the sea on a cloudy day. (Photo by Jorge Fernández/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Sea ice change affects Antarctic research

An absence of ice means scientists can only achieve about 60 percent of their plan.

open mouthed Adelie penguin young that's begging for the attent of mum

Only 2 Adélie penguin chicks survive breeding season

A changing climate is having a catastrophic effort on the birds.


Top Antarctic predator pays Wellington coast a visit

The leopard seal can be extremely dangerous if provoked.

Ancient bubbles in ice from an Antarctic glacier were studied (Getty)

Fossil fuel emissions worse than previously thought

The study's lead author says this means we have "more leverage to fight global warming".

Conservators say the cake still looks edible.

Hundred-year-old fruitcake found in Antarctic hut

Conservators say the cake still looks edible.


Did an earthquake cause an Antarctic ice shelf to crack?

Newshub busts the seven biggest myths around one of the world's largest icebergs.


Monster iceberg breaks off Antarctic ice shelf

Going... going... gone! A trillion-tonne block of ice has just been set loose.


Mystery of Antarctic sea ice investigated by science and art

Last year, the Antarctic sea ice extent reached its lowest level on record.

The Larsen C ice shelf.

Massive Antarctic ice shelf ready to split

It's as big as Bali, and is like a "niggling tooth", ready to crack.