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Emperor penguins.

Record-breaking penguin found by Kiwi researchers

It was able to spend more than half-an-hour under the water.


Kiwi dancers make history with routine in Antarctica

Antarctica: The First Dance hopes to celebrate the continent, and warn of the threat of climate change.

Cold weather will blast Kiwis with near-zero temperatures.

Weather: Antarctic freeze unleashed on New Zealand

Cold weather will blast Kiwis with near-zero temperatures.

Video: Newshub investigates some of the conspiracies about Antarctica.

A look inside Antarctica's 'Area 51'

We visited the lab you need government clearance to even go near.

Rare underwater footage of the minke whale was captured on camera.

Rare footage of minke whale captured in Antarctica

It's the first time the species has been caught on camera in the Ross Sea.

A frozen section of the Ross Sea at the Scott Base in Antarctica on November 12, 2016.   REUTERS/Mark Ralston/Pool - RTX2TB9X

NZDF engineers complete Antarctic projects

The team worked for six weeks in temperatures that dipped below minus 40degC.

Thirty scientists from 13 countries are drilling 700 metres into the ice to study climate change.

Drilling deep into Antarctic ice to discover its secrets

200 samples reveal how the planet's climate has changed over millions of years.


Cheeky penguins snap 'selfie' after finding camera in Antarctica

It's the obvious thing to do when discovering an unowned camera.


Calls for 'insensitive' safety video to be withdrawn

Even some of those involved in the video's creation are uncomfortable with it.

Adrian Grenier stars in the latest Air New Zealand safety video.

Controversial Air NZ safety video released

The Antarctica-focused video has had a frosty reception.


Antarctica's new solution to housing staff

Three giant tanks will house conservators as they restore Borchgrevink's Huts.


Kiwi researcher's extraordinary killer whale experience

And it was all caught on camera.


From the most remote family to the most remote job

For this South Islander, Antarctica is positively buzzing with activity.

Space satellites are supporting a modern wave of Antarctic exploration.

Antarctic explorers use satellites to navigate safely

The NZ Space Challenge is offering $15,000 to help Antarctic research from space.

Dr Charlie Lee holding the white rose in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica.

White rose travels to Antarctica in the search for peace

This Kiwi photographer has captured the seventh continent.

Up to 200 NZDF personnel are deployed during the summer season to support Scott Base and McMurdo.

Army delivers supplies to Antarctic scientists

The 20 experienced drivers left on Friday to take about 3000 tonnes of supplies.

Explorers from Robert Scott's South Pole expedition, including Tryggve Gran.

South Pole medals bought by Canterbury Museum

Tryggve Gran was a member of Robert Scott's ill-fated South Pole expedition.

 JOIDES Resolution.

Drilling ship heads to Antarctica - for science

The JOIDES Resolution will investigate how ice sheets and sea levels will react to climate change.

United States Coast Guard Heavy Icebreaker Polar Star.

Ice-cutting ship helps out in Chch en route to Antarctica

The journey hasn't all been smooth sailing.

Antarctica - it's cold.

The Kiwis celebrating a white Christmas

Despite the cold, they're sticking to some Kiwi traditions in Antarctica.