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Esther Olsson discovered Hillsong Church designed a cover that resembles her own art

Aussie artist claims Hillsong 'stole' album cover design

She refused to design the megachurch's album art, so they made a cover that was "heavily influenced" by her artwork.


NYPD sued for forcing Muslim women to remove hijabs

The lawsuit also claims officers openly mocked the Muslim faith.

Katy Perry.

Nun in legal battle with Katy Perry dies in court

Only hours before, the nun had begged the 'Firework' singer to leave the sisters alone.

More than 30 women have been arrested in recent weeks for taking part in 'White Wednesday' protests.

Iranian woman jailed for not wearing headscarf

A woman who removed her headscarf in protest has been jailed for two years.

Members say the weapons are for self-defence.

God and guns: Marriages blessed with AR-15 rifles

Hundreds of couples toting AR-15 rifles packed a church, celebrating their weapons as "rods of iron".

Hundreds gathered on a rainy Saturday night.

Colosseum red with anger

The ancient wonder has been illuminated in solidarity with Christians facing the death penalty in Pakistan.

MP Golriz Ghahraman

Not a Muslim? Then don't make assumptions about Islamic culture

The Iranian regime is disrespectful of women - but refusing to shake Jo Luxton's hand was not, writes Golriz Ghahraman.

Julie Anne Genter says shaking hands with women isn't normal for Iranian men.

Iranian delegation meant no disrespect - Minister for Women

"Different cultures have different practises."

Billy Graham was 99.

Billy Graham, evangelist to the White House, dies aged 99

The man who counselled Presidents and preached to millions ed away at his North Carolina home.

Pope Paul VI

Another pope to be made a saint

The late Pope Paul VI led the Roman Catholic Church in the 1960s and 1970s.

Pope Benedict.

Vatican denies ex-pope near death

Benedict is suffering from a paralysing disease of the nervous system, according to a German magazine.


Google Home won't answer questions about Jesus

Christians in the US are outraged, saying Google has "something against God".


'God' told judge defendant wasn't guilty

The Texas jury disagreed.

Catholics demonstrate in Osorno, Chile.

Pope defends bishop accused of covering up sex crimes

The Pope's remarks drew shock from Chileans and immediate rebuke from victims.

Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha in Cairo, Egypt.

Egypt might ban atheism

Blasphemy is already illegal in Egypt, but now lawmakers want atheism outlawed too.

Howard Stern is no fan of Lorde.

Lorde an anti-Semitic 's**thead' - Howard Stern

The shock jock says she should team up with Roger Waters for a 'F**k the Jews' world tour.

Dozens of David Koresh's followers were killed at the end of a 51-day stand-off.

So-called prophet's abuse of Kiwi woman revealed

A NZer who spent four months locked up by a Texas cult leader has told her tale for the first time.

The Pope baptises a baby in the Sistine Chapel.

Breastfeeding in Sistine Chapel okay with the Pope

"If they start performing a concert... breastfeed them, don't be afraid," Francis told mothers.

Lorde has been quiet since cancelling the Tel Aviv concert.

Jewish Council tried to stop anti-Lorde 'bigot' ad

The NZ Jewish Council says it tried to prevent a full-page ad labelling Lorde a "bigot" from being printed.

Pope Francis

'War, lies and injustice' - Pope sums up 2017

Francis said humanity "wasted and wounded" the year.