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'Holy' man jailed for life after raping teen

A self-styled Indian holy man who boasts 40 million followers has been found guilty of rape.

Pope Francis.

Pope hopes religion can end Middle East wars

The Vatican said a meeting of religious leaders would be an "ecumenical meeting for peace"

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Folau's comments don't amount to hate speech.

Folau a product of 'fire and brimstone Christianity' - Harawira

It comes as a south Auckland minister says he 'cringed' when he heard about Folau's 'hell' comment

Video: The AM Show's Duncan Garner says Folau was just quoting the Bible.

Tattoos and other sins that could send us all to Hell

Haircuts and shaving are both frowned upon in the Bible.


International cult claims Jesus is an alien from Venus

The Aetherius Society say they are a global religion with a global following

Something is going on with Justin Bieber this Easter, and we're not sure what it is.

Bieber bamboozles fans with Easter messages

One minute he's praising Jesus, the next he's making a bunny joke.

A still from the play.

Audience member tries to rescue Jesus during Easter play

He charged on stage mid-show, attacking another man who was playing a Roman soldier.

Pope Francis has condemned society for its shameless pursuit of "ambition and vainglory".

Pope Francis condemns Catholic ministers in Easter address

He said some have been deceived by "ambition and vainglory".


Bar owner wants Easter liquor laws changed

"Not everyone follows the same religion anymore."

A scene from The Exorcist.

Special exorcism course to take place after 'rise in possessions'

One priest says he's seen up to 500,000 requests a year in his area.

Chris is risen

'Chris is risen', church sign declares

Remember the Bible story about the time Chris spent three days in a tomb, before emerging alive?


Holy sites near where Jesus was baptised could be landmine-free by Easter 2019

Pilgrims visit the area each year, but until now nearby sites have been inaccessible.

Pope Satan

Pope says no one goes to hell, sinners just 'disappear' - report

Pope Francis has reportedly overturned millennia of Catholic teaching.

The law forbids most sales of alcohol on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Where and when you can and can't buy alcohol this Easter weekend

You better get down to the bottle store right away, unless you're prepared to jump through these loopholes.

Emma González delivers a tearful speech in Washington DC.

Keep shouting, Pope urges gun control advocates

Pope Francis has urged young people to keep shouting and not allow the older generations to silence their voices.

Aracely Meza ordered that a two-year-old be denied food for three weeks.

Pastor gets 99 years' prison for starving toddler to death

She believed denying the child food would rid him of a demon.

The girls are now in the custody of their grandparents.

Mother crashes car with kids inside to prove 'God is real'

In the mother's defence, the girls had their seatbelts on.

rosary beads

Vatican told to ease up on the 'excessive moralism'

Young Catholics also want a bigger role for women in the Church.

Esther Olsson discovered Hillsong Church designed a cover that resembles her own art

Aussie artist claims Hillsong 'stole' album cover design

She refused to design the megachurch's album art, so they made a cover that was "heavily influenced" by her artwork.


NYPD sued for forcing Muslim women to remove hijabs

The lawsuit also claims officers openly mocked the Muslim faith.