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Church leaders Brian and Hannah Tamaki say the decision will be appealed.

Why Destiny Church might avoid a tax bill

Two of its charities will lose tax-exempt status, but the church still may not have to pay a cent.

Jesus cross

Should God and Jesus be removed from the parliamentary prayer?

Take The AM Show's poll.

Pope John Paul I.

Pope John Paul I on his way to becoming a saint

Pope John Paul I served for just 33 days as pontiff in 1978 before his abrupt death.

The Pope wants you to put down your phone.

Pope Francis damns cellphones

Thou shalt not take selfies - at least when the Pope is looking.

Amy Tielu struggled with her identity as a teenager.

Short Pasifika film shows father-daughter acceptance

Amy Tielu's pastor father has come to accept her identity.

Mourners pay their respects during the Nelson Mandela memorial service at Holy Trinity Cathedral on December 13, 2013

Holy Trinity Cathedral finally complete

The Holy Trinity Cathedral in Auckland is to be consecrated, 60 years after construction began.

Burqa niqab

Denmark to ban 'masks', including burqa and niqab

Denmark looks set to become the next European country to restrict the burqa and the niqab.


Doctor says religion can help people quit smoking

The doctor said a fear of god may motivate people

Tanya Jacob says the coursework of some religious education classes is "disturbing".

Kids exposed to 'disturbing' religious education - secular lobbyist

The Secular Education Network says some religious classes have parallels with child grooming.


Gloriavale man charged with sexual violation

The man's offending allegedly occurred over a three-year period.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis accused of heresy

Last year he opened the door to accepting Catholics who have been through a divorce and remarried.

Aung San Suu Kyi.

Demands Myanmar end Rohingya violence

Attacks by Rohingya militants triggered a crackdown that the UN has branded ethnic cleansing.

Sister Margaret hard at work with her chainsaw.

Chainsaw wielding nun cleans up Miami after hurricane

The Lord works in mysterious ways.


'80s TV star says hurricanes 'God's punishment'

"When he puts his power on display, it's never without reason. There's a purpose."

The ad has sparked a lot of controversy.

Australian lamb ad sparks religious controversy

The ad depicted several gods sitting down to a barbeque

Jesus uses a crucifix as a weapon in the game.

Jesus fights Buddha in controversial new game

Fight of the Gods is being labelled "extremely offensive" and "disrespectful".

Anjum Rahman says Dr Richards' comments are misleading.

Professor's anti-Muslim comments 'dangerous' - Islamic Women's Council

Dr Raymond Richards implied Muslims are less productive employees on account of their prayer schedule.

Pilgrims at Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Pilgrims return to Mecca as hajj winds down

More than 2.3 million people visited Saudi Arabia for the five-day ritual.

Pope Francis.

Pope calls on believers to promote peace

Pope Francis has called on a delegation of South Korean religious leaders to promote reconciliation.

Easter eggs

No change to Easter Sunday trading in Auckland

Auckland Council has overwhelmingly decided against relaxing Easter Sunday trading laws.