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250 Kaiapoi High students given wrong NCEA results

Sunday 16 Jan 2011 4:46 p.m.

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By Jessica Rowe

It is the first year that students have received their NCEA results online before getting them in their letter box.

Many have enjoyed getting their grades back early, but students at a Canterbury high school have found it has been more trouble than it is worth.

It has been a tough year for Kaiapoi High School. It suffered major damage in the Canterbury earthquake.

But now students have been dealt another blow after receiving the wrong NCEA results.

“I told my family how good I did and they were pleased with that,” says former student Daniel Lynch.

“But now I am not sure what I’ve actually got.”

Daniel is one of about 250 students from Kaiapoi who may have been given the incorrect grade.

His friend, Tom Mould, first noticed when he passed subjects he had withdrawn from.

“I discovered that I had done really, really well versus what I was expecting and couldn't work out why, and so I was really annoyed because usually we would have got our results with our exam papers so I could have seen how I had done,” says Tom.

The school sent the New Zealand Qualifications Authority the wrong marks.

It provided what are known as "compassionate consideration grades", which a student can apply for if they believe the earthquake affected their exam results.

They are based on the student's performance all year and do not include exam marks.

The incorrect results have now been removed from the NZQA website, but year 13 students are still worried.

“On the day I got my results I was accepted into the University of Canterbury, but now I’m not sure whether I am because they're not my real results,” says Daniel.

Kaiapoi High principal Gavin Greenfield says the school moved quickly to rectify the situation.

“I can understand student concern and of course we regret this enormously and we are very apologetic. We have moved as quickly as we can to contact all the students who potentially could have been affected,” he says.

In a statement, NZQA has said the correct grade information has now been received, but mailing of Kaiapoi student results has been delayed for a couple of days.

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