Abandoned yacht recovered three months on

  • 17/01/2013

Exactly three months after a yachtsman was rescued following 16 hours adrift at sea, his abandoned yacht has been discovered and brought back to shore.

On October 17 last year, Glenn Ey, 44, was rescued some 270 nautical miles from Sydney's coast in an operation that saw two commercial flights swoop in to help.

The Queenslander had set sail from Pittwater in Sydney's northern beaches en route to New Zealand two weeks prior to that.

But he ran into trouble when his 11-metre yacht, Streaker, was hit by a large wave.

Sixteen hours after he activated his emergency beacon, Mr Ey was rescued by New South Wales Water Police - but not before Air New Zealand and Air Canada fights were called in to help with the search and rescue by getting his exact location.

Streaker had to be abandoned due to rough seas, but on Thursday, a recreational fishing vessel discovered the yacht and towed it to Batemans Bay on the NSW south coast.

Police said they had inspected the yacht, which remains under the control of Roads and Maritime Services for the time being.


source: newshub archive