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Auckland public transport overhaul proposed

Friday 5 Oct 2012 8:32 a.m.

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By 3 News online staff

Auckland Transport (AT) wants to increase the frequency of its train and bus networks.

A 15-minute service on the main network is one of many proposed changes in a new plan, as well as standard fares across buses and trains, with no penalties for transfers between services.

"The draft plan proposes a simpler, more integrated network," says AT's manager of public transport operations, Mark Lambert.

"This will enable improved access to more destinations through better connections, reduced waiting times and deliver a network of frequent services at least every 15 minutes. It will change the way public transport is delivered in Auckland."

Mr Lambert says he's planning the new model around North American cities like Vancouver.

"The principle which is already working in most North American and European cities is to create a network of high frequency lines that are designed to work together through easy connections," says Mr Lambert.

"We are following that principle for Auckland as we work towards making this city the most liveable in the world."

A zone-based fare system would mean unlimited travel within a certain area at no extra cost, even when switching from trains to buses or back again. Ferries would be excluded, however.

The public will have until November 5 to voice their views on the changes. Details of the proposal are on AT's website.

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