Auckland Transport changing parking rates

  • 14/11/2012

Auckland Transport is to reduce central city parking rates and offer a 10 minute “grace period” in order to encourage turnover.

The city’s transport authority announced today peak casual hourly rates in the Civic, Downtown and Victoria Street carpark buildings will be reduced to $3 per hour – the current rate is $5.50 per hour and $4 or $5 for each ensuing hour stayed.

On top of this, a new “City Centre Parking Zone” will be established encompassing the Wynyard Quarter, midtown, Karangahape Road and the Viaduct Harbour.

In these areas parking time limits will be removed, and a 10 minute period instituted for drivers. It will be free to park in these areas for up to 10 minutes.

“This is a customer friendly option allowing quick pick-ups and drop offs and extends parking options for the likes of couriers and delivery companies”, says Auckland Transport chief operating officer Greg Edmonds.

The parking zone changes will be rolled out from November 19.

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source: newshub archive

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