Benefit numbers drop by 10,000

  • 15/07/2013

Beneficiary numbers have dropped more than 10,000 over the past year, with 8735 solo parents coming off the domestic purposes benefit.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett released new benefit figures today, which show June data for the three new benefit categories that came into effect on Monday.

The figures show:

  • 128,608 people receiving jobseeker support (combining the unemployment benefit, sickness benefit, and domestic purposes and widow's benefits for parents whose youngest child is over 14)
  • 82,897 people receiving sole parent support (combining the domestic purposes and widow's benefits for parents whose youngest child is under 14)
  • 91,862 people receiving the supported living payment (combining the invalid's benefit and domestic purposes benefit for care of sick or infirm).

A further 1180 people are receiving the youth payment or young parent payment, which was implemented in August last year.

The data shows the number of beneficaries on categories now included in jobseeker support has dropped by nearly 6000 since June 2012, including 3159 DPB recipients with children over 14.

The number of beneficiaries on categories now included in sole parent support dropped by 5657 in the year to June, due to 5576 fewer DPB recipients with children under 14.

The proportion of working age adults on benefits is now at its lowest since 2009.

The drop comes on the back of measures, introduced last October, which put new work obligations on parents and introduced free long-term contraception for beneficiary mums.

The latest tranche of welfare reforms which came into effect this week includes:

  • stopping payments to beneficiaries with outstanding arrest warrants
  • cutting or stopping payments to beneficiaries who refuse to take or fail pre-employment drug tests
  • cutting benefits for parents whose children do not attend early childhood education or school, or don't enrol at health services.


source: newshub archive