Big Latch On attempts to break breastfeeding records

  • 06/08/2009

By Angela Beswick
The Women’s Health organisation is attempting to break the world record for the most mothers simultaneously breastfeeding at one time in New Zealand.

The Big Latch On is taking place at over 100 venues throughout New Zealand, with over 200 babies and their mothers registered to attend Auckland’s Sylvia Park venue alone.

Organiser Jo Fitzpatrick says this is the biggest number of women who have ever got together in one place to breastfeed in New Zealand.

“Previous records were about half this number, with 76 at Lynmall in 2005, and 83 at the Zoo in 2006.”

Ms Fitzpatrick says the organisation believes it is on track to break last years New Zealand record, with 1,122 women breastfeeding together throughout the country.

“We never really know until after the event,” she says.

Women’s Health Action provides national co-ordination for the event, organised by mothers and their supporters throughout the country.

The Big Latch On has taken place during World Breastfeeding Week every year for the last five years.

The 2008 attempt won a gold medal for participation from the World Alliance of Breastfeeding Action.

Ms Fitzpatrick says she hopes World Breastfeeding Week will end with a bang.

“It’s not too late to be part of the action,” she says.

Local venues and on-line registration information is available at

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source: newshub archive