BMX star Peter Langton could soon be deported

  • 17/04/2012

By Jenny Suo

One of the heroes of New Zealand BMX fears he is going to be kicked out of the country.

Peter Langton has built a world-renowned dirt jump track in West Auckland.

But the South African is now facing deportation, and after a long fight to stay in the country.

This is where he wants to be – on the dirt jump track he built with the people he calls his family.

Peter Langton started working on the track almost a decade ago, after moving to New Zealand in 2000.

He took young bikers off the streets and gave them a place to ride.

“I've done nothing in this country other than work hard, make friends and try to be a part of the Kiwi culture,” he says. “That’s everything that I’ve done.

Now BMXers from around the world come here while New Zealand's top riders credit it for their success, including Jed Mildon – the first person in the world to complete a triple back flip.

But the track is not finished, and Mr Langton fears he will be sent back to South Africa, where he has no family or friends.

He says his latest plea for appeal against deportation is his last chance.

“Thirteen years of my life, thrown down the toilet,” says Mr Langton. “I can’t fathom how they justify what they're doing to me.”

His work visa has expired, so he's had to leave his job as a tree surgeon and has no income.

“I’ve lost a key employee from my business,” says his former employer, Alexander Ball. “I just can’t replace him. I don’t understand why Immigration can’t just give him a work permit so he can keep saving money. He is living off his own savings now and my business is suffering.”

He says he's trying to spend as much time as he can on his bike because any day now he could be on a plane

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