'Cannabis and cricket just seem to go together' - curator

  • 29/11/2013

Curators behind a Dunedin cannabis museum have a very special exhibition planned for next week's test match against the West Indies.

The display, dubbed 'Hit for Six', hopes to show the apparent love story between New Zealand cricketers and weed.

Curator Abe Gray hopes many visiting Jamaican cricket fans will come along to check it out.

"Cannabis and cricket just seem to go together for some reason," he says. "It is hands-down the favourite sport among Kiwi stoners."

The exhibition features information about famous cricketers who were known to be cannabis smokers during their career, along with displays about cannabis-loving spectators.

The list of honour includes Stephen Fleming, New Zealand's most successful test captain, who admitted smoking the drug in South Africa in 1993.

Cricket fans were happy to talk about the issue while watching a game near Christchurch today.

"I'd be surprised if you said participants, yes, I wouldn't be so surprised if you said the guys watching," one fan noted.

An English fan, Leigh Collins, joked he was "surprised" that anyone could be high while watching cricket.

"You can't watch the game unless you've got full concentration really," he joked. "What about the umpires, are they the same?

"It's a disgrace and I'm glad I'm not a New Zealander […] I've travelled a long way to come here only to find out that all the New Zealand supporters are dopeheads."

New Zealand Cricket weren't seeing the joke, however, and have refused to comment.

The exhibition opens on Sunday and will be available to the public for two months. The museum, Whakamana, can be found in a small house off Dunedin's David St.

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source: newshub archive