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Car bursts into flames on Bombay Hills

Thursday 10 Jan 2013 12:36 p.m.

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An SUV burst into flames on Auckland’s motorway at Bombay today, disrupting traffic and sending black plumes of smoke into the air.  

The inferno engulfed the entire vehicle. It is not known how many people were inside before the blaze.

One lane of SH1 was closed after the accident, which happened just before midday, and traffic in the open lanes was reduced to a crawl.

Motorist Michael Kingsnorth saw black smoke as he drove up the steep Bombay Hill and filmed the fire as he drove past.

“It looked like the engine malfunctioned, overheated and caught fire,” he says.

The fire service sent two trucks to the scene and the fire is now out.

A spokesperson couldn’t confirm any details about the incident and what caused the accident.

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