Chch residents look to quake cleanup, again

  • 13/06/2011

By Juanita Copeland

Residents of the outer suburbs of Christchurch now have to start cleaning up all over again.

After today’s aftershocks, residents feel they may be at breaking point.

When the cluster of quakes came this afternoon, a group of workers were trying to salvage precious windows from a church. The wall came down on two of them, a neighbour called for help.

“That shake came through and we could hear men screaming and so came rushing over,” says Latimer Square building owner Noel McGuigan.

“They were obviously under rocks that had come off and they were hurt. [Rescuers] removed the rocks and managed to get them out.”

The men managed to walk to the ambulance, having sustained heavy bruising and a possible broken arm.

About an hour later, the magnitude 6 hit. Roads opened up, instantly throwing residents minds back to February.

“It was the most terrifying thing. More so than the September quake. I got thrown across the lounge and into the kitchen, I couldn’t get up. Then I ran to the front door,” says resident Leigh-Anne Nesbit.

Businesses that kept trading through the earlier shakes surrendered to the 6. Staff and owners were left frazzled, but this time they know all too well the struggle they have ahead of them.

Liquefaction has taken place in parts of Avonside, with the patience of some homeowners slipping away.

Residents 3 News spoke to today were all asking themselves the same question; How much more of this can we take?

“I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone ups and leaves. It’s what I feel like doing,” says Ms Nesbit.

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source: newshub archive