Child born to 12yo Auckland boy

  • 15/06/2013

A 36-year-old woman is to appear in court after giving birth to a child by allegedly coercing an 11-year-old boy into sex.

The boy, now aged 12, is understood to be a friend of the woman's son and was taking the day off school at his friend's house, reports the New Zealand Herald. Over the course of the day, the woman gave the boy beer and pressured him into sex. The sexual contact continued for several months before the child was born.

The incident was discovered after the boy went to his school's principal to raise the alarm. The principal says the boy was very aware of the situation and wanted it to stop.

Child, Youth and Family was notified of the issue and took the baby into its care about two months ago.

The woman faces criminal charges, but CYF will not confirm the details of the charges.

The issue has highlighted a disparity in New Zealand's rape law, which only applies when men force sex on women. Women can only be charged with sexual violation for forcing a partner into sex. Health Minister Judith Collins says she will be reexamining the law.

"This case raises an important point," she says. "I will seek advice from officials on whether or not a law change is required."

The case has also drawn attention to dealing with women as potential offenders for those working in child abuse counseling.

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source: newshub archive

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